College of Arts and Sciences

Jobs in Political Science

Activist, Advocate/Organizer

Administration, Corporate, Government, Non-Profit, etc. 

Archivist, Online Political Data


Budget Examiner or Analyst

Banking Analyst or Executive

Campaign Operative

Career Counselor

CIA Analyst or Agent

City Planner

City Housing Administrator

Congressional Office/Committee Staffer

Coordinator of Federal or State Aid

Communications Director

Congressional Staffer

Corporate Analyst

Corporate Public Affairs Advisor

Corporate Economist

Corporate Manager

Corporate Information Analyst

Corporate Adviser for Govt'l. Relations

Corporate Executive

Corporation Legislative Issues Manager

Customs Officer

Editor, Online Political Journal

Elected Official (Legislator, Governor, Representative)


Federal Government Analyst

Financial Consultant

Foreign Service Officer

Foundation President

Free-lance writer

Government Affairs Manager

High School Government Teacher

Human Right Case Worker

Immigration Officer

Information Manager

Intelligence Analyst or Officer

International Agency Officer

International Research Specialist

Issues Analyst, Corporate Social Policy Div.Journalist


Juvenile Justice Specialist

Labor Relations Specialist

Lawyer (same as Attorney)

Legal Assistant

Legal Secretary

Legislative Analyst / Coordinator

Legislator (same as Elected Official)


Management Analyst


Non-Profit Organization Executive Director

Office Manager

Plans and Review Officer, USIA

Program Coordinator

Policy Analyst

Political Commentator


Public Affairs Research Analyst

Public Opinion Analyst


Research Analyst

Research Fellow, Think Tank

State Legislator

Survey Analyst

Systems Analyst


University Administrator

University Professor

Urban Policy Planner

Web Content Editor