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Atlantis Program Q&A

Question: What are the health insurance options for WIU students?


Question: When should students anticipate receiving their acceptance letter from INSEEC?

Answer: The acceptance letters will go out in a batch to the schools in June.

Question: What is INSEEC grading scale?

Answer: Download INSEEC Grading Scale

Question: When my grades are transferred from LiU to WIU, what grades will I receive?

Answer: Download LiU to WIU Grading Scale

Question: Students are told (in the Student France or Consulate FAQ information) they need to demonstrate a bank account with 615 Euro per month of their stay. Is that for the 4 months in France or for the 10 months in Europe? They are getting a long term EU visa, but does the French Consulate only require that they can pay for the France portion?

Answer: That amount is for their stay in France.

For the Swedish visa, the student will need to provide a bank statement proving that they have the financial means to support themselves during their stay in Sweden. The amount per month is roughly 8,500SEK. Students need to have the FULL AMOUNT in their account for their stay in Sweden or submit evidence that they have it (scholarships, grants etc.). They also need to submit evidence that they are the SOLE BENEFICIARIES of the account the money is deposited. If it is a joint account with parents/partners, the application will be rejected. If you have further questions, please contact Kostas Mitropoulos, the International Coordinator at LIU (Email:

Question: Is CAF available to students studying only one Semester in France, or must a student be in France a full year? If available, is the paperwork for CAF part of the orientation process at INSEEC, or do students need to do this on their own?

Answer: CAF is a French government program that assists with rental payments for every French resident and international students. In order to receive CAF rent subsidies, you will need to apply after you arrive in Lyon. Direct deposits will be made to your BNP account . Courtney Recht, Director at INSEEC, will assist the students in opening a French bank account during their orientation - the bank is on campus at this time. After the students have their bank account then they can move forward with the process. She will also assist you with the application process and address any questions you may have.  Download CAF program info (PDF)

Question: Is there a health club (workout gym) facility associated with INSEEC? If not, is there one near school or housing you recommend?

Answer: There is no gym at their residence, but there are a few that they could look into in the surrounding area. The closest one is a 17 minute walk from their residence hall called L'Appart Fitness Lyon Jean Jaurès.

Question: How do I reserve housing in France independently?

Answer: Use the resources provided in this guide to reserve your own housing while studying at BBA INSEEC in Lyon, France. 


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