Centennial Honors College

General Honors Requirements for Macomb Students

Course Requirements:
  • GH 299 Honors Colloquium: a one semester hour honors seminar with varying topics.
  • Three honors general education courses (one may be an Honors section of an FYE course)

General Honors courses count toward General Education Requirements (Categories I, II, III, IV and V).

  • GH courses ending in 01 count toward humanities
  • GH courses ending in 02 count toward the social sciences
  • GH courses ending in 03 or 04 count toward mathematics and natural sciences
  • GH courses ending in 07 count toward multicultural

Additional honors seminars also count as General Honors courses (ex: COMM 241H, MATH 102H)

Grade Point Average Requirements:
  • 3.4 cumulative GPA



University Honors
(General Honors + Honors in the Major)