Exercise Physiology LabThis laboratory is used for undergraduate and graduate courses and research in exercise physiology. The main lab is 80' x 48' and can be separated by partitions into three separate areas. In addition there are additional dedicated rooms for biochemistry and body composition analysis. Exercise Physiology Lab equipment includes;

Metabolic Analysis

  • PARVO Medics 2400 metabolic system

Cardiac Screening

  • Phillips Systems (EKG, pulse oximetry, automated BP) (5)
  • Quinton Q4500 12-Lead System
  • HP Sonics 100CF 2-D Echocardiogram

Pulmonary Function Analysis

  • Spirometer

Body Composition Analysis

  • Hydrostatic Weighing System
  • BodPod Body Composition analysis System
  • Tanita Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (2)
  • Skinfold Analysis (Lange Calipers)

Blood Analysis Systems

  • Alere HemoPoint H2 Meter
  • Eppendorf Centrifuge 5702
  • Cholestech Analyzers(3)
  • Bioteck HemoCue
  • Accusport Lactate Analyzer
  • VWR -80 freezer


  • Monark Ergomedic 828E (6)
  • Monark Ergometic 818E (4)
  • Corival Ergomenter (for Children)
  • Monark Peak Bike 894E (Wingate Testing)

Power TestingAnatomy Lab

  • Vertec
  • Probotics Jump Mat


Undergraduate coursework in Anatomy and Physiology utilizes an online integrated lab book and software to enhance understanding.  The Anatomy Lab contains 15 computer workstations, a SmartBoard for instruction, and anatomical models.   


The Performance Studio has a combined dimension of 88' X 72', which can be divided into two separate studios by an electric folding partition. The floor is a cushioned wooden surface intended for bare feet or ballet slippers only. The entire area is especially equipped with stage lighting and a sound system which can operate for the whole area or independently for each studio. When the door is opened, approximately 300 spectators can view performances.

Studio I is 88' X 40'. Three mirrors (15' X 8') span the south wall between practice room doors. Ceiling girds allow hanging of stage curtains for production presentations.

Off Studio I to the south are two practice dance rooms of the same type flooring, with mirrors and make-up tables. These rooms have two entrances and a folding door in the center to provide for dressing rooms. Another room directly adjacent to the practice rooms is used for record and equipment storage.

Directly to the west of Studio I is the dance workshop. It includes a sink, cabinets, ceiling and wall hanging space for costumes, props, lighting instruments, leotards, etc. A washer-dryer allows for dying of leotards and sewing machines for making costumes.

Just outside the studio, off the main lobby, are four soundproof listening rooms, each 10' X 10' with a corner shelf for record or tape players. These rooms are ideal for recording or splicing tapes, listening to records or practicing dance steps. Studio II, when separated from Studio I by the electric folding door is 32' X 75' with ballet bars running the entire length of the room at two heights.

A third studio, located on the front of the building, is spanned on the south wall with windows. The room is 60' square with a wooden floor which is finished with a protective seal for all types of shoes. Tap, square and round, folk and social classes are the primary users of the room. Aerobic dance classes are also held in this room.

Slanted mirrors on the west wall provide an excellent view of the entire dance floor. This studio is also equipped for performances. Stage curtains, a patch panel for lighting, sound system and storage closet complete the area.


Lower Level

The main gymnasium has a total of 32,000 square feet (270' X 120'). The entire floor is 3M tartan surface and all walls are rebound board to 16'. The entire area is lighted with mercury-vapor lights and is equipped with a sound system which can be used separately in each gymPicture of children learning tumbling. or in combination when the whole area is open.

The area can be divided into three teaching stations by two roll up curtains, one of which can be locked to secure gymnastics equipment on the west end of the area. The other two areas are used for sports - - primarily basketball, volleyball and badminton.

When the entire area is open, four basketball or six volleyball or eighteen badminton courts or five tennis courts are available. Eight laps of the floor equals a mile for runners.

Center Activity Area

All curtains are key operated and all baskets are key operated to swing-up. Bleachers are stored off the west end of the gymnasium and are moved out for events. Other viewing may be from the west balcony where bleachers can be swung around either for pool or gymnasium viewing.

Swimming Complex

The Brophy swimming pool is the home of NCAA Division I, WIU swim teams. Its total area spans approximately 10,800 square feet. The spacious deck conveniently accommodates the hosting of meets and allows for effective teaching. The L-shaped pool is 25 yards by 25 meters with a depth range of from 3 1/2 feet to 7 feet along the yard lines and 7 feet to 13 feet on the meter side. The diving well consists of two one-meter and one three-meter boards. The walls of the deeper end include two observation windows directly accessible from the deck area via a unique spiral stairway which runs from the basement to the balcony. Underwater lights are used for performances. A touch panel system provides the latest in scoring for competitive events measuring to .01 of a second.

The pool is tiled in white with dark blue lane markings. Indirect lighting illuminates the pool sufficiently for good photography without creating a glare for the swimmers or spectators. Two balconies (14' X 20' and 15' X 90') with bleachers to seat approximately 560 allow spectators to sit in air conditioned comfort and watch swimming events through the glass paneled upper wall of the pool.

The rest of the swimming complex includes a large equipment storage room directly off the deck, a pool office, men's and women's locker and shower rooms.

Athletic Training Complex

The Brophy Athletic Training Complex is a five room complex which includes taping and treatment rooms and an office and storage space. The larger room is 26' X 11' and is lined with wall and counter storage cabinets, a refrigerator, ice-maker and taping tables. Off of this room is a therapy room which contains two whirlpools, a sitzbath, and shower facilities. The other treatment room contains a bed, additional treatment tables and heat-therapy unit.

From this complex direct access is provided to the conditioning room which is used both by classes and by the trainer for preventive and corrective treatment of athletic injuries. The trainer's office has windows on three sides, which allow supervision of all areas.

Fitness Room

Two students working out. The Fitness Room contains Life Fitness exercise equipment (both resistance and cardiovascular machines), a variety of free weights plus spin cycles and free motion machines. This room is used for general education courses, kinesiology activity courses and for personal training.

Student Lounge

A Student lounge can be found on the lower level of Brophy Hall. The lounge includes candy, soda and juice machines with tables, chairs and couches to accommodate studying & relaxing.

Biomechanics Lab

The Bodpod

The biomechanics lab opened during the 2005-2006 year. The lab has been equipped for classes and research in both the fields of biomechanics and exercise physiology. The biomechanics laboratory is equipped with Peak Motus 8.2 two-dimensional video analysis system, AMTI force platform, and 8-channel Myo Pac Junior EMG.

 Electronic Classrooms

Brophy Hall has 7 electronic classrooms. Each is equipped with an ELMO 500 Visual presenter, Yamaha or Boston Acoustic speakers for great sound quality, a Sharp P10 projection unit, computer monitor, an Apple Computer, and DVD player. In addition, the department has two mobile projector carts for use for special meetings and events. Brophy Hall also has wireless network with access to the Internet for registered students, faculty, staff and guests.

Pedagogy Lab

The Pedagogy Lab is utilized by faculty, and graduate and undergraduate students engaged in the study of teaching. The main purpose of the lab is to support the analysis and development of teaching skills in physical education teachers and coaches. The lab also supports research on teaching physical education as well as providing access to technology used in the analysis of teaching for students in the teacher education track enrolled in the Department of Kinesiology.

General Purpose Computer Lab

Brophy Hall houses a general purpose computer lab with twelve computers and a printer for student use.

Knoblauch Corporate Kitchen and Dining Room

The Knoblauch Corporate Kitchen and dining room is located in Knoblauch Hall 239.