Graduate Programs

Graduate Majors

The Department of Kinesiology offers the Master of Science degree in Kinesiology and the Master of Science degree in Sport Management.

Program Description

The broad mission of the degree program is to assist students to develop conceptual and theoretical understandings and to obtain knowledge and skills which will prepare them as master teachers, researchers/scholars, practitioners, or administrators in their respective areas.

Whether students elect to earn a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology or pursue the Sport Management Option, both lead to a wide variety of career choices. Graduates of the Kinesiology degree program qualify for careers in cardiac rehabilitation, corporate fitness, as university or public school teachers/coaches, adapted specialists, and sport psychology consultants. Sport management graduates work in school, university and college settings, as sport complex directors, public relations/marketing directors, or in the professional sports areas.




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Student Spotlight

2012 AKA
Graduate Scholar Award

Megan Moore

Megan Moore, M.S.