Why choose the Integrated 4+1 Program at WIU?

Professionals in the sport industry seek graduates with strong media skills. The sport industry is trending in the area of broadcasting. Within the last few years numerous Broadcasting graduates were accepted into Sport Management graduate programs at WIU or other universities to continue their studies. These individuals have been hired in athletic departments in a variety of jobs. Based on feedback from professionals in the field who have served as internship supervisors for sport management graduate students, we have found;

  • Professionals in the sport industry look for and need graduates with strong media skills
  • Students completing a graduate degree in this field increase their marketability especially in the area of international jobs in sport
  • The combination of a Sports Broadcasting undergraduate degree and a Sport Management graduate degree would be unique in the Midwest region
  • A program that provides students with increased practicum (field) experiences in a variety of different areas increases the ability for students to find good jobs.

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