Thesis Guidelines

Thesis Handbook

Students interested in completing a thesis should download a copy of the Kinesiology Thesis Process Handbook.  This document contains information about:

  • Recommended timetable for completion of your thesis
  • When and what courses you will need to enroll in
  • Resources for completing your thesis
  • The thesis format
  • Creating a thesis committee
  • Scheduling your proposal and defense meetings
  • The IRB Approval Process
  • Submitting your thesis to the WIU School of Graduate Studies
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Sample forms that you will need to complete a long the way

Recommended Timetable

Faculty of the Kinesiology department support that completing a thesis is a process.  It is recommended for students who are considering furthering their education and pursuing a Ph.D.  Recognizing the rigor of a thesis, the department sees the completion of a thesis truly as a 4 semester process. 

 Recommended Thesis Time Table

Need Help Getting Started?

Dr. Cindy Piletic and Dr. Algerian Hart are the Graduate Coordinators. Dr. Piletic is the Kinesiology Graduate Coordinator and can be reached by phone at 309-298-1820. Dr. Piletic's' email is: Dr. Hart is the Sport Management Graduate Coordinator and can be reached at 309-298-1820. Dr. Hart's email is:



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Recent Theses 

  • Bednarko-Gaule, A. (2015). Psychology first aid skills in athletic trainers.     (Thesis Chair: M. Cole)

  • Cash, T. (2015). Transition into retirement: A division I collegiate athlete's journey into life without sports (Thesis Chair: A. Hart)

  • Dixon, A. (2015). From the dance floor to the swimming pool: Belly dance as an intervention training method for the dolphin kick.  (Thesis Chair: C. Kovacs)

  • Hosteng, K. (2015). Exercise science students' perceptions on the value of sleep and exercise.     (Thesis Chair: C. Piletic)

  • Laskowski, K. (2014). Quantification of force produced during horizontal upper body plyometrics.  (Thesis Chair: M. Satern)

  • Metoyer, C. (2015). Anaerobic exercise recovery: Impact of coached breathing on performance. (Thesis Chair: R. Graham)

  • Michelini, K. (2015). The effects of MRSA carrier knowledge on athletic trainers' compliance with prevention and management standards and recommendations.    (Thesis Chair: J. Plos)

  • Neuser, A. (2014). The influences of competence, autonomy and relatedness among chronically exercising college students.     (Thesis Chair: M. Cole)