Bachelor of Science in Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE)

Fit body, fit mind, sharper future

Mission of Physical Education Teacher Education

The mission of the Western Illinois University PETE Program is to develop teaching expertise in physical education. PETE majors will learn to use the most current concepts of the disciplines, motor skills & movement concepts, and methods of teaching physical education graduates in order to inspire their students with knowledge, skills, and dispositions that promote learners being physically active for a lifetime.

Our Vision

The Western Illinois University PETE program envisions itself to be a hands on, engaging program for the scholarly study of physical education pedagogy. Through theory into practice experiences, our program seeks to inspire teachers to impact learning across the diverse community of learners in a wide range of physical activities. The Western Illinois University PETE program’s seeks to carry on the 100+ year tradition of developing quality physical educators that exemplify professionalism and service to students and the field in general.

Our Commitment

Pre-service teachers in this program are instructed to put curriculum and learning theory into practice to facilitate success as a physical educator for years to come in any school context. In particular, pre-service teachers will have many opportunities to “learn by doing”. Pre-service teachers spend many hours in the field teaching elementary, middle, and high school physical education classes prior to their student teaching experience.

Degree Program Block Diagram

General Education
43 credit hours

Kinesiology Core
15 credit hours

Teacher Education
17 credit hours

24 credit hours

Student Teaching
20 credit hours

Directed Electives
15 credit hours