School of Music

Denise Coovert

Denise Coovert, MM, MT-BC
Faculty Assistant, Music Therapy - Clinical Trainer
Sallee 220

Denise Coovert, MM, MT-BC, Faculty Assistant, Music Therapy- Clinical Trainer joined Western Illinois University in the fall of 2017. Mrs. Coovert holds a Bachelor of the Arts in Music Therapy from Western Illinois University (2008) and a Masters of Music in Music Therapy from Colorado State University (2014).

After completing her music therapy internship at a school for children with Autism in Chicago, Mrs Coovert was employed at a private practice in southeast Iowa. Mrs. Coovert has experience providing music therapy for hospice patients, adults and children with developmental disabilities, adults with mental illness and early intervention. In addition to working in the music therapy department, Mrs. Coovert, for the past five years, has owned and operated her own music therapy private practice in southeast Iowa serving hospice patients and children with developmental disabilities. Mrs Coovert has completed advanced training in Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT). Mrs. Coovert also maintains a music instruction studio.