School of Music

How to Apply

How to become an Undergraduate Music Major/Minor

  1. New WIU students, Apply to the University! You do not have to apply before your audition, but you do need to be accepted by the university before you can accept scholarships or register for classes.
  2. All students, Apply for an Audition. Students should attend an Audition Day or submit a video audition.

    Audition Dates --

    • Saturday, December 7, 2019
    • Saturday, January 11, 2020-Quad Cities Campus
    • Saturday, January 25, 2020
    • Sunday, February 9, 2020
    • Monday, February 17, 2020
  3. The recruitment coordinator will contact students shortly after they apply with more details about their audition. You can also check Audition Guidelines under the Prospective Students tab on our homepage. Music résumés and recommendation letters are optional and will be accepted at the audition.
  4. Students will be notified of their audition results within two weeks of their auditions.
  5. Scholarship decisions are made after President's Day auditions are completed. The recruitment coordinator typically sends award offers in March. If students receive an offer, they must respond with their acceptance before May 1.
  6. New freshman and transfers living on campus Apply for Housing. There is a Fine Arts Living and Learning Community option for freshman and upper classmen.
  7. Register for classes.

    • New Freshman Apply for SOAR (Summer Orientation and Registration)
    • New Transfers Apply for Transfer Orientation or contact Dr. Rick Kurasz, School of Music Assistant Director.
    • New International students Apply for International Orientation.

Audition FAQ

How do I find an accompanist?  

WIU provides a professional accompanist for all students free of charge for their audition. Those three professional accompanists also serve our current students at no cost during the school year.

Do I need to bring anything with me to my audition?  

Students have the option provide a music résumé and/or recommendation letter at their audition. These optional documents help inform scholarship decisions.

What does the audition day schedule look like?  

  • Students are only required to complete a 20-30 minute audition. All other activities are optional and vary depending on the date.
  • Students are assigned a time and room about one week prior to their audition day. Preferences can be noted on the application.
  • Students should check-in before their audition, giving themselves ample time to warm-up.
  • The auditions coordinator and some faculty will be available to answer questions.
  • Some dates include open rehearsals and classrooms for parents and students to observe.
  • President's Day auditions coincide with a Discover Western (WIU open house). Students can plan to attend the open house and audition on the same day. Please note this on the audition application.

What should I wear?  

Students should present themselves in a professional manner. Dress pants, collared shirts, skirts, and dresses are all popular choices.

What are the acceptance levels?

Students' auditions are assessed based on the major they applied for. For example, performance majors are expected to audition at a higher level than a music minor.

Students are accepted at:  

  • Performance Level
  • Music Education Level
  • Music Therapy/Music Business Level
  • Music Minor level

What if I can't attend the audition days?  

There is an online option to submit your audition. The audition coordinator can also work with you to schedule an audition on campus at another time.

I am unsure that my audition repertoire is appropriate, what should I do?  

You can contact the instructor of your instrument for clarification or suggestions. If you cannot locate this person on the website, contact the auditions coordinator.

Can I audition on more than one instrument?  

YES! We are happy to accept multiple talented students. You are free to study on more than one instrument here. It may also increase your scholarship opportunities.