Performing Arts Society

PAS Recognition Awards

The Performing Arts Society is a community organization whose members are patrons of the arts. The first organizational meeting was held December 8, 1983 followed by the first Board of Directors meeting. PAS was established through the assistance of an NEA grant and continued through assistance of the WIU Foundation. The Performing Arts Society is now supported by individual donors and corporate sponsors.

To honor and recognize our members and those who support the arts, the Performing Arts Society makes yearly awards for following categories:

The Ruth Watts Distinguished Service Award

Ruth Watts served as the Executive Director of Macomb Downtown Development Committee on a part- time basis and served as the first Executive Director of the Performing Arts Society beginning in 1984. Ruth, along with the early Board members, enabled the organization to grow from an idea into a viable and important organization. The Community Arts Service Award was renamed the Ruth Watts Distinguished Service Award in her honor upon her passing to recognize special service to the Performing Arts Society.

Year Name
2022 Charlotte Megginson
2020 Rick and Monica Iverson
2019 Laura Leezer and Kate & Nate Cobb
2018 Dan and Nancy Colvin
2017 Mimi and Jordan Pounders
2016 Dale Adkins
2015 Julie Murphy & Kathy Waters
2014 Maria Dunstan & Lori Bilbrey

The William E. Brattain Distinguished Service Award

Dr. William E. Brattain, a former WIU Associate Vice President for Student Services, served as the Director of the University Union for over twenty-four years. He was instrumental in providing leadership opportunities for hundreds of students who achieved great success in the campus activities arena, many of those students are now in the student affairs profession.

The William E. Brattain Distinguished Service Award began in his honor upon his retirement from WIU to recognize special service and a lifetime of dedication to the arts in general.

Year Name
2022 Gayle Tronvig Carper and John Cooper
2020 Kristen Terry and Nancy Crossman
2019 Lorraine Epperson
2018 Jeannie Woods
2017 Charlene Callison and Larry Balsamo
2016 Gil Belles
2015 Ken Hawkinson
2014 Shirley Madigan

Community Service Award

The Performing Arts Society was created by a small group of thoughtful and committed people who truly wanted to enhance their community through the support of the arts. Individuals contribute in so many different yet significant ways to ensure that the performing arts remain an intricate part of our community and region.

The Community Service Award recognizes individuals for their unwavering support of the arts over several years.

Year Name
2022 Eric and Karen Blakeley and Jeremy Robinett
2020 Heidi Clemmens and Macomb High School Fine Arts Program
2019 Melissa Inmann, in memoriam
2018 Rocky on Parade, Bill Howard
2017 Jane Morrow, in memoriam
2016 Ukulele Macomb
2015 Macomb Band Boosters & Macomb Choir Boosters
2014 Al Sears Jazz Festival

Corporate Salute

The Performing Arts Society is appreciative of all of the support it receives by our corporate sponsors. It is through this support we find it possible to underwrite the expenses for performances brought to our community through the Bureau of Cultural Affairs and the Youth Performing Arts Series. The Performing Arts Society began recognizing our corporate sponsors in the early 1990's through the Community Service Award In 1996, the very first Corporate Salute was awarded

The Performing Arts Society Corporate Salute recognizes a local business and/or inter/national corporation for outstanding corporate support.

Year Name
2022 Forgottonia
2020 The Forum
2019 West Central Illinois Arts Center
2018 Jimmy Johns of Macomb, Ric Cortes
2017 Edward Jones, Cory Clem
2016 Macomb Hy-Vee
2015 Tri-States Public Radio
2014 Pella Corporation

Many of these awards date back to 1986. For a comprehensive list, please contact the Development Director Mick Cumbie - Phone: (309) 298-2620.