Saxophone Studies

Saxophone Studies at Western Illinois University 

The saxophone studio at Western Illinois University aims to create versatile, artistic, and passionate musicians who are prepared for any career they choose to pursue beyond their time at WIU, musical or otherwise. Students majoring in music performance, music education, music therapy, music business, and jazz studies all participate in the saxophone studio, as well as non-majors from outside the School of Music. Saxophonists of all backgrounds, all career paths, and all levels of experience are welcomed in the studio in an inclusive and supportive environment. 


The lessons and assignments for each student are tailored to fit their major, interests, and background, but all students are taught the fundamentals of saxophone and foundational musicianship. Each student engages with the traditional saxophone repertoire as well as contemporary literature, jazz, and pop music. Chamber music is a critical component of the saxophonists’ experience at WIU, and all students participate in saxophone ensembles and quartets. Weekly studio classes allow students to perform with and for each other, and they are able to hone their ability to give and receive constructive criticism by taking part in discussions of each other’s performances. 


Whether you are a high school student considering majoring in music or a non-music major already at WIU, all those interested in becoming a part of the saxophone studio at Western Illinois University are encouraged to reach out to Assistant Professor of Saxophone Charlie Chadwell at