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Cybersecurity Skills
  • CyberEmates: fun way to learn about cybersecurity. 
  • Pico CTF: A free way to learn and practice cybersecurity.
  • Vuln Hub: These are vulnerable virtual machines that allow anyone to acquire practicable experience in cybersecurity, computer software and network administration.
  • CTFd: Capture the flag (CTF) framework was used in designing the website for easy usage.
  • Cyber Talents: A platform for cybersecurity expertise to get hired by recruiters due to their firsthand skills.
  • Facebook CTF: The Facebook CTF is a platform that aims to organize capture the flag competitions.
  • Root The Box: This is a real-time scoring engine for CTF wargames to foster learning.
  • Try Hack Me: A fun way to learn cybersecurity with practicable real-world scenarios.
  • Hack the Box: A hacking playground and information security community.
  • Hacksplaining: These contain security teaching for developers to exploit vulnerable web applications.
  • Infosec Institute: One can get cybersecurity education for a variety of roles.
  • Capture the Flag Community: The community creates a doorway to other capture-the-flag competition and platform providers.
  • DefCamp: It’s a place where strong hacking and cybersecurity knowledge can have an impact.
  • Smash the Stack: This is a wargaming network with ethical hacking simulation environment.
  • Awesome CTF: This is an organized listing of CTF frameworks, software, resources, tutorials and libraries.
  • Hacker101: They have a free web hacking class and bug bounties for beginner to advance level skills.
  • Pwn Tools: It is a library that contains exploit-writing python structure modules which is usable for CTFs.
Vendor Trainings
  • Microsoft: Build in the cloud free with Azure for Students.
  • Microsoft Student Hub: A hub where students canjumpstart a career in technology and stay connected with Microsoft student developer community.
  • Imagine Cup: It's an opportunity to gain new skills, access exclusive trainings, unlock mentorship opportunities and to win great prizes.
Cybersecurity Research
  • Mitre Attack: These are guideline for reporting and classifying intrusions and cyberattacks.
  • Privacy Framework: This contains several privacy framework standards.
Cybersecurity Certifications
Cybersecurity News

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