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Emergency Management Intelligence Officer

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  • Work Department: ILETSB Executive Institute in Springfield, IL
  • Class Title/Code: Program Coordinator (5002)
  • Effective Date: Apr 10, 2024
  • Responsibilities:

    An Emergency Management Intelligence Officer typically:

    1. Ensures that information requirements for the emergency management communities are
    shared with the Statewide Terrorism Intelligence Center (STIC), and that these information needs are being met.
    2. Participates in the daily Threat Identification Group (TIG) meetings.
    3. Provides situational awareness to STIC and homeland security partners, and partner with
    public safety personnel to integrate and analyze information received into actionable
    intelligence that is tailored to the protection of the Homeland.
    4. Collects information from local sources (special events, critical infrastructure, etc.) and
    ensures this information is integrated into the ongoing situational awareness stream.
    5. Monitors intelligence and provide summaries to STIC leadership.
    6. Responsible for maturing the program, conducting outreach to partners and assessing the
    effectiveness of the program.
    7. Researches and gathers information pertinent to the emergency management community.
    8. Disseminate information daily by e-mail to vetted partners.
    9. Produces intelligence notes based on information received from program participants by
    researching, validating, and analyzing the data.
    10. Coordinates monthly Emergency Services Webinar with program managers from the Public
    Health and Fire Service Outreach Programs, ensures participants are vetted members, and
    conducts the meeting.
    11. Maintains the Text Notification Dissemination List used to notify Emergency Management
    Information Sharing Program participants of critical incidents and sends notifications
    12. Attends and presents at local emergency management meetings to promote the program,
    provide information, and learn the information needs of the community.
    13. Acts as a liaison to the Homeland Security Advisory Council Emergency Management
    Subcommittee focusing on functional needs and other community preparedness initiatives.

    14. Functions as STIC’s primary State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) liaison during
    activations and responds to the SEOC during an activation outside normal work hours.
    15. Prepares intelligence briefings and present during the monthly SEOC Liaison Meetings.
    16. Attends and participates in SEOC meetings and exercises.
    17. Nominates and approve vetted partners to the Homeland Security Information Network
    18. Manages HSIN Connect Rooms, such as the STIC Public Safety Room, by creating the pods
    using Adobe Connect, and pulling distinct information feeds into the rooms; monitors
    various HSIN Connect Rooms for information to be shared with vetted partners and
    summarizes content into distinct pods and Situational Awareness Reports.
    19. Attends and assist the Illinois Emergency Management Agency with its Quarterly
    Coordinators Meeting using HSIN outside normal work hours as needed.
    20. Manages membership of EMIS-approved individuals to the Land of Lincoln Information
    Dashboard (LID), ensures all members either participate in a STIC Outreach Program, or
    sign a non-disclosure agreement, and provides updates to LID members regarding new
    content via e-mail.
    21. Reviews all special events submitted to STIC by vetted partners through the Special Events
    GeoForm and deletes duplicates within the ArcGIS account; maintains attachments
    submitted by partners by saving to STIC’s network; coordinates with partners on changes to
    an event; submits data through the Special Event GeoForm and trains partners on how to
    use it; responds to questions regarding special events and produces threat assessments by
    reviewing suspicious activity in the area of the event, researching open source information,
    evaluating the data, and writing the assessment.
    22. Manages membership lists for the Emergency Management, Dispatch Center, and Cyber
    Security Programs; disseminate applications and non-disclosure agreements to those
    interested in the programs; receives completed applications and submits to the STIC Watch
    Center for a limited background check; reviews background checks for derogatory
    information; and maintains an Excel Spreadsheet of members.
    23. Acts as the back-up to the Fire Service and Public Health Information Sharing Programs in
    the absence of these program managers.

  • Required Qualifications:

    1. Bachelor’s degree
    2. One year prior work experience in a school or behavioral setting, emergency management,
    homeland security, law enforcement, research and analysis, social services, or other public
    safety related discipline or an agency approved training program.

    Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

    1. Must pass a national security clearance investigation and background investigation
    2. Requires working knowledge of the Microsoft Office and Windows environments, and
    common applications for word processing, charting, database and spreadsheet manipulation
    3. Ability to analyze, compare and interpret intelligence and draw conclusions
    4. Ability to establish and maintain working relationships with coworkers, emergency
    management personnel, and other homeland security partners
    5. Skill in both verbal and written communication
    6. Ability to work with people from a variety of culturally diverse backgrounds
    7. Knowledge of the principles and practices pertaining to the assigned department
    8. Skill in program development and execution
    9. Skill in problem solving and decision-making
    10. Skill in planning, analyzing and coordinating activities and establishing priorities
    11. Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships
    12. Excellent organizational skills

  • Starting Salary: $4,642/month
  • Application Deadline: May 31, 2024
  • Additional Information:

    This position is located in Springfield, IL.

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    • Benefits begin on day one with four health plan options to choose from with vision included in each plan
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    • Sick and vacation time accrual begins on day one.  Accrue up to 12 sick leave days and 25 vacation days a year
    • WIU offers 12 paid holidays plus additional paid time off between Christmas and New Year's Day
    • Tuition Waiver up to six credit hours per semester at any public state university
    • Paid twice a month by direct deposit

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