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Bureau of Cultural Affairs

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Meetings: Once a month, or as needed

Time: Arranged based on members' schedules

Place: TBD according to room availability

Contact: Dana Moon, Assistant to the COFAC Dean

Duties: The Bureau of Cultural Affairs is a student, staff, faculty and community-based organization advised out of the College of Fine Arts and Communication. BCA provides a diverse, affordable performing arts series to students and the community each year. The Bureau's faculty representatives (up to six) participate as full voting members and work with the group to select and present the series, which typically includes; national and international tours of Broadway, theatre, and dance; symphonies; headline musical artists; chamber music; youth arts; comedy; and dramatic readings. Additionally, BCA assists with the presentation of a Youth Performing Artist Series to elementary school-aged children from schools in several counties, and provides other outreach programs including a mini-internship program in production for junior and senior high school students.

All members are expected to attend meetings, serve as ushers and assist with poster distribution. In addition to regular business meetings, the eBoard meets for planning, education and development.