Faculty Senate

Talent Grant and Tuition Waiver Program Guidelines


The Talent Grant and Tuition Waiver (TG&TW) Program Guidelines provide an overview about the policies and procedures for administering the WIU Academic Affairs/Student Services Talent Grant and Tuition Waiver Program.

TG&TW Committee function and composition.

The functions of the committee are:
  • To evaluate the distribution of Talent Grant & Tuition Waivers for the academic year.
  • To allocate the amount of funds for non-athletic talent grants and tuition waivers for the upcoming year.
  • To develop procedures for evaluating requests from University agencies seeking non-athletic talent grants and/or tuition waivers.
  • To maintain records in conjunction with the Financial Aid Office and to make periodic reports on the use of non-athletic talent grants to the University community.
TG&TW Committee is comprised of the following:
  • The Talent Grant & Tuition Waiver Committee is composed of the Vice President of Student Services, Vice President of Academic Affairs & Provost, Director of Financial Aid, Director of Student Engagement & Student Government Association Advisor, Student Government Association President, Student Government Association Vice President, and Student Government Association Director of Finance.
  • One non-voting advisory role will be filled with a representative from the University Budget Office.
  • The Committee may recommend a talent grant alone, a tuition waiver alone, or a combination of a talent grant and tuition waiver award for a student in the specified talent grant areas listed in section D. Talent Grant Areas.

Talent Grant and Tuition Waiver Funding Source

  • The amount available for distribution will be provided by the TG&TW Committee early in the spring semester to facilitate the committee’s allocation process. The talent grant amounts allocated during any given fiscal year are based on the projected income from talent grant fees. This process aligns with the WIU strategic plans and the goals for recruitment and enrollment.