Faculty Senate

Western Courier/Western Illinois Magazine Publications Board

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Meetings: Monthly

Time: Arranged

Place: Third Floor, Heating Plant Annex

Contact: Richard Moreno, Director, Student Publications

Duties: The Board members are charged with setting general policy for the Western Courier student newspaper and the Western Illinois Magazine. The board shall act as a motivating force to ensure the journalistic integrity of the newspaper and magazine, and any other student publications, and protect and respect the First Amendment right of those publications. The Board shall serve as a sounding board and as an agent of review for the newspaper and magazine, or staff members, and make suggestions to the Director of Student Publications and the newspaper and magazine staff members.

Additionally, the board members shall:

  • Serve as a liaison between the newspaper staff and the Vice President for Student Services.
  • Review the annual budget of the newspaper and magazine.
  • Approve any fee increase requests.
  • Promote the educational purpose of the newspaper and magazine, and shall seek to ensure the academic integrity of the students who work for each.
  • Approve the appointment of the Editor in chief of the Western Courier and have the authority to remove the Editor in chief for failure to carry out the position's designated duties.
  • May mediate complaints that have not been resolved by the Editor in chief or other involved staff members of the newspaper.

Board members shall not engage in supervision of the day-to-day operation of the newspaper or magazine, nor engage in any form of censorship. Duties outside the regularly scheduled meetings may include being available for "emergency" meetings when the need arises.