WIU Student Hotline

How to Become a Volunteer

At the end of each semester, Hotline accepts applications for new trainees. Once an application has been submitted, you will be contacted for an interview. If accepted, you will enroll in our training class the following semester and will be expected to continue being a member for an additional semester.

For more information on the requirements of being a member of Hotline, please contact the Psychology Department office at (309) 298-1593.

Applications can be found in the main first floor corridor of Waggoner Hall near the end of each academic semester or you can fill out the online version of the application. Please complete the application and submit to the Advisor, Dr. Kristy Keefe.

Immediate Assistance

Daily hours:
(when residence halls are open)

7:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

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General Contact

For general comments, inquiries, or questions about Hotline, please contact the Department of Psychology.
(309) 298-1593