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Retiree Benefits


As of January 1, 2023, the State of Illinois has negotiated contracts with Aetna for 5 years for their TRAIL Program (Total Retiree Advantage Illinois). This new plan is an Aetna MAPD PPO Plan, and there are no longer any HMO Plan options available as there were in previous years. For any questions regarding the Aetna plan, please call the appropriate number below.


2023 TRAIL MAPD Initial Enrollment Guide – for members newly eligible for TRAIL
2023 TRAIL MAPD Open Enrollment Guide – for current TRAIL members
TRAIL Webinar Recording  (35 Minutes)
TRAIL FAQ’s - Frequently Asked Questions

Contact Information

Aetna – 1-855-223-4807 from 8AM – 8PM CST
Or visit

CMS Medicare - 1-800-442-1300

Medicare – 1-800-633-4227
Or visit to ask questions about Medicare Parts A and B.

My Benefits Service Center – 1-844-251-1777 from 8AM – 6PM CST
Or Visit to ask about eligibility, make changes to your coverage, or opt-out of the Aetna MAPD PPO Plan.

Additional Retiree Benefits

  1. Dependent Tuition Waiver
    Tuition Waiver Forms are available in Human Resources, Sherman Hall 105, at the HR Forms page, or by email at Once retired, the dependent tuition waivers are available for enrollment at WIU, but no other Illinois institutions.
  2. Employee Tuition Waiver
    As a retiree, you are eligible to take classes at WIU free of charge. You will need to be accepted as a student through the Admissions Office, and then complete the tuition waiver form. Contact the appropriate department for process and specific details regarding number of hours per semester, etc. Waivers are available in Human Resources, Sherman Hall 105, for Civil Service retirees and through the Provost Office, Sherman Hall 211, for Faculty/Administrative retirees.
  3. WIU Parking Permits
    Parking permits are available at no charge to WIU retirees. Contact Parking Services in Mowbray Hall after your retirement date to obtain your permit. You will need to provide your WIU ID number. In addition, you will not have to obtain a new permit annually, as long as you have the same vehicle on file. If you change vehicles, you need to update your vehicle record with Parking Services. You will continue to park in Faculty/Staff designated lots. Parking Services can be reached at (309) 298-1921 or by email at
  4. Annual Flu Shots
    As a retiree, you can receive the flu shot free of charge, during the annual flu shot clinic held on campus each year, usually in October. To find out the date each year follow the HR Facebook page or contact Benefits at (309) 298-1971, ext. 3.
  5. Malpass Library
    You may continue to check out items through the Malpass Library/Digital Commons as long as you have a WIU email address and your WIU ID card. Contact the Malpass Library at (309) 298-2705 or toll free at 800-413-6544 or at the Libraries Website.
  6. WIU Email
    You will still be able to use your current WIU e-mail address and logon credentials but will be subject to changing your password, per uTech policies. Contact uTech with any technology-related questions at the uTech Support Center page or (309) 298-2704. Any email that has not had activity for 180 days will have their account deactivated, and you must contact uTech for re-activation.
  7. Campus Recreation
    Memberships are available at the Campus Rec Center for both you and your spouse/domestic partner. Payroll deductions do not apply as a retiree. Membership information, costs, and packages can be reviewed on the Campus Rec website.
  8. State Universities Annuitants Association (SUAA)
    SUAA, founded in 1971 as a voluntary membership association, continues its vigilance to preserve and protect the pension system, the healthcare plans and all other benefits provided to State Universities Retirement System (SURS) participants and beneficiaries. SUAA is the only advocacy organization that focuses solely on preserving pension and healthcare benefits for public universities and community college employees - both active and retirees - their spouses and survivors and SURS members who live out of state.
    SUAA membership offers assistance to spouses and survivors of annuitants by providing them with important information to aid them in receiving all rights and benefits to which they are entitled. To get more information or to become a member, contact SUAA at the SUAA website.