Information About Haiti

U.S. Government Information about Haiti

  • Earthquake Information – The U.S. Geological Survey has a summary and map on the Haitian earthquake. They have also developed a poster summarizing information on the earthquake.
  • Help for Haiti – The White House Blog has the transcript of President Obama’s remarks concerning our efforts to aid Haiti during this crisis.
  • Haiti: Country Study – The Library of Congress Country Study for Haiti provides a description and analysis of the country and its history, economy, and politics.
  • Haiti – The CIA World Factbook contains a brief description of the country as well as statistical data.
  • State Department – The U.S. State Department provides a wide variety of information for all countries of the World. Information on Haiti includes the Haiti - Background Notes, which contains summary statistics and a description of the government, economy; travel information; and a separate site with news and information about the Haitian earthquake.
  • Water Resource Assessment of Haiti – The Army Corps of Engineers did a water resources report on Haiti in 1999.

Maps & Geology

  • Haiti Maps from the The Perry Castañeda Library at the University of Texas at Austin
  • Geologic Map of Hispaniola
  • Geology of Haiti - The Geological Society of America has identified and linked to articles about the geology of Haiti and the island of Hispaniola. These articles are available online to anyone wishing to learn more about the geology of the region.
  • Google Earth Haitian Earthquake KML - A layer for Google Earth showing imagery of Haiti taken by GeoEye after the earthquake. Download Google Earth. The KML can be run on some computers in Government Information, Maps and Data Services (4th Floor Malpass Library) and the 3rd Floor Classroom in the Library.

News Reports