Laws of Illinois Indexes

Each individual volume of the Laws of Illinois has a separate index, to the laws that were enacted during a legislative session. However, it is much easier to research an issue using cumulative indexes. Several cumulative indexes to the laws of Illinois have been published. They include:

Gross, Eugene L. and Gross, William L. An index to all the laws of the State of Illinois, 1818 to 1869, both public and private, which are not printed at large in Gross' Statutes of 1869, except private acts of 1869. Springfield [Ill.]: E.L. & W.L. Gross, 1869.

Index Department, Office of the Secretary of State. Index to the laws of Illinois, 1812-1968.[Springfield, Ill.]: Index Department, Office of the Secretary of State. [1989].

An index to the laws of Indiana Territory can be found in:

Howe, Daniel Wait. 1890
A descriptive catalogue of the official publications of the territory and state of Indiana from 1800 to 1890 including references to the laws establishing the various state offices and institutions, and index to the official reports. Indianapolis: TheBowen-Merrill Co.