Biological Abstracts Online

To further enhance student learning and access to academic materials, Biological Abstracts is now available online through the Western Illinois University Libraries.

According to Dean of Libraries James Huesmann, the comprehensive index covers all major fields of biology, from botany to biochemistry to ecology. It indexes more than 5,500 journals worldwide, adding more than 350,000 citations annually.

Wed like to thank Reference Librarian Jeanne Stierman for pursuing the acquisition of this important database, Huesmann added. The library has been considering adding Biological Abstracts for several years, but its cost has prohibited its acquisition; however, thanks to the College of Arts and Sciences Pflaum Endowment, as well as contributions by Lewis Dove, biological sciences professor emeritus, and the biological sciences department, University Libraries was able to purchase this database.

The Barbara and Evelyn Pflaum Endowment was initiated in 1985 to acquire library materials in the natural sciences, and Doves contributions to the WIU Foundation is specified for the acquisition of online sources in the natural sciences.

The library will maintain a current subscription to this database, covering 1995 to the present. For more information, contact the Malpass Library reference desk at 309/298-2700.