Fast Food Nation: Resources

Cover of the book Fast Food Nation

This summer, all incoming freshmen were given the book Fast Food Nation by Eric Schlosser as a reading assignment. Fast Food Nation was selected by the University as a means of introducing students to the university culture and illustrating a few of the many topics that writers, researchers, scientists, community leaders and artists at the university are interested in exploring. The book will be discussed in the FYE classes. Numerous other activities will be planned around the book, such as group discussions, guest lectures and films.

To enhance the use of the book, librarian Bill Thompson has created an online study guide (Fast Food Nation: A WIU Libraries Resource Guide), that highlights the vast array of library and other resources available on the topics covered in the book. "The guide is designed to provide resources to both faculty and students that will allow them to further explore issues raised in the book," said Thompson.

Access Bill Thompson's Fast Food Nation: A WIU Libraries Study Guide