One Day in the Life of WIU Libraries

Snapshot, One Day in the Live of ILLINOIS LIBRARIES, where the o in snapshot looks like a camera and an exclamation point.

The Western Illinois University Libraries are joining libraries across the state in participating in "Snapshot: One Day in the Life of Illinois Libraries" on Wednesday, February 10 to show how important academic, public, school, and special libraries and library systems are to the state of Illinois.

On February 10, University Libraries will compile statistics, customer comments, photographs, and other data chronicling a typical library day. The results collected at all branches of University Libraries will be added to those of other libraries across Illinois to show how libraries provide invaluable services to Illinois citizens.

University Libraries Dean Self said, "I hope our loyal patrons will stop by and be a part of this historic day. Libraries are more important than ever to our communities, and library usage is at record levels. We want all the citizens of Illinois, and particularly our Illinois lawmakers, to see what a typical day is like for an Illinois library. Lawmakers have reduced state funding that is vital to help libraries like ours maintain current programs and services much less provide new programs and services, purchase new materials, and support the delivery of materials from other libraries. We hope this ‘snapshot‘ drives home the point to lawmakers that their constituents, our patrons, rely on us for critical services, and we can´t afford any more cuts in funding to libraries."

"Snapshot: One Day in the Life of Illinois Libraries" is a project of the Illinois Library Association.

For more information, contact Dean Self or visit: