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21st Century Geography: a Reference HandbookIn this handbook, geography is represented in six section topics that comprise 70 chapters: Physical and Environmental Geography; Human Geography; Nature and Society; Regions and Regional Perspectives; Geographic Information Science; and Applied and Professional Geography. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook21st Century Management: A Reference Handbook highlights the topics, issues, questions and debates that any student obtaining a degree in the field of management must master to be effective in today's business world. Providing authoritative insight into the key issues covered in both undergraduate and corporate coursework, this resource offers a particular emphasis on the current structure of the topic in the literature, key threads of discussion and research on the topic, and emerging trends. WIU USERS ONLY.Business/Management
21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook21st Century Psychology: A Reference Handbook highlights the most important topics, issues, questions, and debates any student obtaining a degree in the field of psychology ought to have mastered for effectiveness in the 21st century. The 100+ chapters provide material from all corners of psychological studies including the biological, cognitive, developmental, social, and clinical arenas. Coverage includes cutting-edge topics, such as human performance in extreme environments. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
21st Century Sociology21st Century Sociology: A Reference Handbook provides a concise forum through which the vast array of knowledge accumulated, particularly during the past three decades, can be organized into a single definitive resource. The two volumes of this Reference Handbook focus on the corpus of knowledge garnered in traditional areas of sociological inquiry, as well as document the general orientation of the newer and currently emerging areas of sociological inquiry. WIU USERS ONLY.Social Sciences
Acronym ServerSearch by acronym or word producing either an alphabetical listing of acronyms or listings of acronyms containing a particular word.Dictionaries/Thesauri
African Americans and the Presidents: Politics and Policies From Washington To TrumpThis reference work explores the American presidency in relation to issues of race concerning the African American community. It evaluates each of the forty-five American presidents' policies, cabinet appointments, and handling of race matters in the United States. Includes personal writings, a timeline that lists the name, party, term of office, and political background of each president, and chronological sections to provide a broad overview of each period. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Agricultural StatisticsAgricultural Statistics is published each year to meet the diverse need for a reliable reference book on agricultural production, supplies, consumption, facilities, costs, and returns.Food/Agriculture
AIDS Sourcebook. 7th Ed.Provides consumer health information about transmission, testing, stages, and treatment of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), with facts about prevention, related complications, and tips for living with HIV/AIDS. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Alcoholism Sourcebook. 5th Ed.Consumer health information about alcohol abuse, addiction, and related health effects, with facts about treatment and recovery. Includes index, glossary of related terms and other resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Almanac of American Politics 2020Analyzes elected political figures in the House and Senate, governors, big city mayors and the presidency. Detailed geographic, social, economic, political and cultural analyses are also provided for electoral districts, states and territories. Biographical information includes voting records and rankings by liberal and conservative political interest groups. Lists of historical election results, the current membership of House and Senate Committees and a list of major political interest groups are also included. WIU USERS ONLY.Political Science/Government
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AMA Doctor FinderProvides basic professional information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States.Health/Medicine
AMA Manual of Style (11th ed.)The American Medical Association's guide for those seeking to publish research findings and anyone involved in medical, health, or scientific writing and publishing.Writing/Style Manuals
America's Film Legacy: The Authoritative Guide to the Landmark Movies in the National Film RegistryA guide to the 500 most significant films made in the United States (selected by the Library of Congress's National Film Registry) including Hollywood classics as well as obscure art films, cartoon shorts, documentaries, industrial and student films, and newsreel footage. Includes complete cast and credits lists and historical and interpretive essays with biographical thumbnails of actors and directors. WIU USERS ONLY.Movies/Theater
American Attitudes: Who Thinks What about the Issues that Shape our LivesExamines attitudes by sex, age, race, Hispanic origin, education, and region about many topics within nine categories: Public Arena, Government and Politics, Science and Information, Religion, Work and Money, Family and Friends, Diversity, Personal Outlook, and Sexuality. Includes current and historical data, revealing many trends. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
American Buyers: Demographics of ShoppingPresents weekly and quarterly spending data, showing the percentage of households that buy individual products and services and how much buyers pay for them, all broken down by household income, household type, race and Hispanic origin, region of residence, and education. Includes buying data for apparel, entertainment, finance, food and alcohol, gifts, health care, household operations, shelter and utilities, transportation, personal care, reading, education, and tobacco. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
American Economy: a Historical EncyclopediaContains short entries on key individuals and on events, court cases, and legislation and longer essays on broader topics such as the effects of economic policy on education, insurance, the judiciary, and science and technology, from colonial times to the present. Also has selected primary sources--the various acts and policies that have established economic policy throughout U.S. history--and a comprehensive bibliography with full citations. WIU USERS ONLY.Economics/Finance
American Incomes: Demographics of Who Has MoneyExplores household income trends through 2014 by age, household type, race and Hispanic origin, education, region, and work status; examines trends in the incomes of men and women by a variety of demographic characteristics; and provides data on the wealth of American households, including household assets and debt. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
American Masculinities: a historical encyclopediaAmerican Masculinities: A Historical Encyclopedia is a first-of-its-kind reference, detailing developments in the growing field of men's studies. Encapsulating the current state of scholarly interpretation within the field of Men's Studies, it is designed to help students and scholars advance their studies, develop new questions for research, and stimulate new ways of exploring the history of American life. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Ancestry & Ethnicity in AmericaA comparative guide to over 200 ethnic backgrounds across the US, focusing on: Where We Come From, How We Identify Ourselves and Where We Live Now.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Animal Behavior Desk ReferenceProvides a common ground and platform for precise scientific communication in animal behavior, ecology, evolution, and related branches of biology. Emphasizes conceptual terms, rather than anatomical parts or taxonomic terms. Life Sciences
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Anti-Immigration in the United States: a Historical EncyclopediaIncludes entries on current anti-immigration ideas, events, policies, and figures, as well as on the history of anti-immigration sentiment throughout American history, covering every major historical period. Also contains essays that analyze race, gender, and class dynamics in more depth to provide a theoretical framework, and primary documents that illustrate anti-immigration sentiment. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Anxiety Disorders Sourcebook. 2nd Ed.Anxiety Disorders Sourcebook (2nd ed.) provides insight into the various ways people experience anxiety and its various types of disorders, including general anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and panic disorder. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
AnyWho DirectoryDeveloped by AT&T, this phone directory contains yellow and white pages, a reverse lookup tool, and links to international directories.Phone Numbers/Zip Codes
APA Dictionary of PsychologyMore than 25,000 authoritative entries across 90 subfields of psychology.Psychology
Atlas of the Human Brain. (4th Ed.)The Atlas of the Human Brain presents the anatomy of the brain at macroscopic and microscopic levels, featuring different aspects of brain morphology and topography. This greatly enlarged fourth edition provides the most detailed and accurate delineations of brain structure available. It includes features which assist in the new fields of neuroscience - functional imaging, resting state imaging and tractography - and is an essential guide to those working with human brain imaging or attempting to relate their observations on experimental animals to humans. WIU USERS ONLY.Life Sciences
Awards Central (IMDb)Provides links to recent and historical information on hundreds of film awards and ceremonies.Movies/Theater
Bartelby.comSearches a variety of quotation sources, dictionaries, thesauri, and other literary collections.Dictionaries/Thesauri
Basic Facts about the United NationsA comprehensive handbook that explains the structure of the United Nations, how it works, and the role played by its principal organs and organizations. Chapters explore UN contributions to international peace and security, economic and social development, human rights; humanitarian action, international law; and decolonization. Political Science/Government
Basics of APA StyleThis tutorial is designed for those who have no previous knowledge of APA Style. It shows users how to structure and format their work, recommends ways to reduce bias in language, identifies how to avoid charges of plagiarism, shows how to cite references in text, and provides selected reference examples.Writing/Style Manuals
Best Customers: Demographics of Consumer DemandAnalyzes household spending on more than 300 products and services by age of householder, household income, household type, race and Hispanic origin, region of residence, and educational attainment. Categories include alcoholic beverages, apparel, computers, education, entertainment, financial products and services, household furnishings, gifts, groceries, health care, housekeeping supplies, personal care products and services, reading material, restaurants, shelter and utilities, telephone, tobacco, transportation, and travel. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
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Bible GatewaySearch the Bible in various versions and languages.Religion
Big ChartsAn investment research web site providing access to a variety of research tools. Includes interactive charts, quotes, industry analysis, intraday stock screeners, as well as market news & commentary.Companies/Industries
Biography.comThis searchable database, sponsored by the A&E Biography television series, is based upon the Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia (1994).Biography
Biotechnology: In ContextExplores fundamental molecular processes and applications in medicine, agriculture, and industry. Provides the history and context surrounding political and policy controversies in biotechnology, with entries on court cases and legislation. Life Sciences
Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality StudiesThe Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies provides an invaluable resource for students and scholars in the overlapping areas of gender, feminist, queer, masculinity, and sexuality studies; and acknowledges the growing interdisciplinary impact of these fields. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Blood and Circulatory Disorders Sourcebook. 5th Ed.Basic consumer health information about blood and circulatory system function, various circulatory disorders, and treatment options. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Brain Disorders Sourcebook. 5th Ed.Consumer health information about the diagnosis and treatment of acquired and traumatic brain injuries, brain disorders, and degenerative diseases and conditions. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and a directory of resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Budget of the United StatesBudget of the United States Government is a collection of documents that contains the budget message of the President, information about the President's budget proposals for a given fiscal year, and other budgetary publications that have been issued throughout the fiscal year.Political Science/Government
Bureau of Labor Statistics Databases & TablesTables of data on inflation & prices, employment & unemployment,pay & benefits, spending & time Use, productivity, workplace injuries, and more. Economics/Finance
Business Statistics of the United States 2020: Patterns of Economic Change (25th Ed.)Business Statistics of the United States provides a collection of data from as early as 1913, predominately from federal government sources, that reflects the nation's economic performance. It also contains several years of data in industrial and demographic detail including key indicators. Each chapter's introductory highlights, extensive notes, and figures help users to understand the data, use them appropriately, and, if desired, seek additional information from the source agencies. WIU USERS ONLY.Business/Management
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Cancer Sourcebook (8th ed.)Consumer health information about risks, prevention, and treatment of major forms of cancer. Includes index, glossary of related terms and other resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Cardiovascular Disorders Sourcebook (7th ed.)Basic consumer health information about risk factors, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of heart and vascular diseases, along with prevention strategies and concerns specific to men, women, children, and minority populations. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and directory of resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
CareerOneStopSponsored by the US Department of Labor, this site provides links to state-operated job banks and general employment information.Jobs/Careers
Charity NavigatorCharity Navigator's rating system examines two broad areas of a charity's performance: Financial Health and Accountability & Transparency. Ratings show givers how efficiently a charity will use their support, how well it has sustained its programs and services over time, and the level of commitment to good governance, best practices, and openness with information. Consumer Info
Childhood Diseases and Disorders Sourcebook (5th ed.)Provides basic consumer health information about the physical and mental health of preadolescent children including common illnesses and injuries, disease prevention and screening, and wellness promotion. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and other resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Chronicle of Higher EducationHighlights and contents of the weekly edition, includes the job listings for that week. WIU USERS ONLY.Education
CIA World FactbookAn online edition of the print version. Provides alphabetical listings of countries and information concerning: geography, people, government, economy, communications and defense sources.Countries
Citing Bibliographic Sources: APAA short guide to the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th ed.). Includes sample bibliographic citations.Writing/Style Manuals
Citing Bibliographic Sources: ChicagoA short guide to the The Chicago Manual of Style, 15th edition. Briefly discusses the two basic citation systems: notes/bibliography and author-date. Includes sample bibliographic citations.Writing/Style Manuals
Citing Bibliographic Sources: MLAA short guide to the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, 6th ed (MLA Handbook). Includes sample bibliographic citations.Writing/Style Manuals
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Classical Social TheoristsVolume 1 of the Wiley-Blackwell Companion to Major Social Theorists contains essays on 18 major social theorists. Supplemented with comprehensive bibliographies on primary and secondary sources, with a brief reader's guide accompanying each essay. Addresses the continuing relevance of most theories and their importance to contemporary scholarship. WIU USERS ONLY.Social Sciences features the full rundown of all CNN daily programming, using the latest multimedia technologies, from live video streaming to audio packages to searchable archives of news features and background information. The site is updated continuously throughout the day.Current Events
Coins and Currency: an Historical Encyclopedia (2nd ed.)This updated second edition offers numerous entries of historical commentary on the role of coins and currency in human events, politics, and the arts from the origin of coins in ancient Sumer, through advancements in metallurgy and minting machines to paper, plastic, and electronic moneys designed to ease trade and halt counterfeiting and other forms of theft. A timeline of monetary history, glossary, bibliography and photographs of coins and bills are included. WIU USERS ONLY.Economics/Finance
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Sourcebook (6th ed.)Provides consumer health information about alternative and complementary medical therapies, including dietary supplements, mind-body medicine, and manipulative and body-based therapies, along with facts about alternative treatments for specific diseases and conditions. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Complete Costume DictionaryA dictionary of costume terms throughout history, with appendices for garment types, garments by country, and garment types by era. WIU USERS ONLY.Movies/Theater
Condition of Education (US)The Condition of Education summarizes important developments and trends in education using the latest available data. The report presents indicators on the status and condition of education, representing a consensus on the most significant national measures of the condition and progress of education for which accurate data are available. Education
Conflict in Ancient Greece and Rome: The Definitive Political, Social, and Military EncyclopediaConflict in Ancient Greece and Rome covers conflict in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds, relating warfare to society, politics, economy, and culture. It examines major wars and other key conflicts, important generals and leaders, and Greek and Roman political, military, social, and cultural institutions. Contains maps and illustrations, a topically arranged bibliography, sourcebooks of primary sources in translation, and lists of the most interesting 'sound bites' attributed to Greek and Roman leaders in ancient times. WIU USERS ONLY.History (US Legislative Info)Offers full text of recent and current bills from Congress. Searchable by bill number or by key word(s). Current bills also searchable by subject and popular title. Other legislative information links provided.Political Science/Government
Congressional DirectoryThe official directory of the U.S. Congress, presenting: short biographies of each member of the Senate and House; committee memberships, terms of service, administrative assistants and/or secretaries, and room and telephone numbers for Members of Congress; and lists officials of the courts, military establishments, and other Federal departments and agencies, including D.C. government officials, governors of states and territories, foreign diplomats, and members of the press, radio, and television galleries. Political Science/Government
Constitution Annotated"The Constitution of the United States of America: Analysis and Interpretation" is written in plain English for a wide audience. Both browsable and searchable, it provides a comprehensive record of how the Constitution has been interpreted over time. It includes discussions of the Supreme Court's latest decisions, along with many links to the documents themselves.Political Science/Government
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Consumer Product Information Database (cpid)The Consumer Product Information Database (cpid) currently links over 23,000 consumer brands to health effects; it has been designed to educate consumers about chemical ingredients of household products.Consumer Info
Contagious Diseases Sourcebook (4th ed.)Basic consumer health information about the transmission and treatment of diseases spread from person to person, along with facts about prevention, self-care, and drug resistance. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Copyeditor's Handbook: A Guide for Book Publishing and Corporate Communications (4th ed.)The Copyeditor's Handbook is a resource both for new editors and for experienced hands who want to refresh their skills and broaden their understanding of the craft of copyediting, incorporating the latest advice from language authorities, usage guides, and new editions of major style manuals, including The Chicago Manual of Style. Includes an extensive annotated list of editorial tools. WIU USERS ONLY.Writing/Style Manuals
Corporate AffiliationsProvides current, accurate corporate linkage information and company profiles on the most prominent global public and private parent companies and their affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions down to the seventh level of corporate linkage. Also contains corporate contacts, board members, brand names and competitors. Available via Nexis Uni. WIU USERS ONLY.Companies/Industries
Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology (4th ed.)For over 25 years, The Corsini Encyclopedia of Psychology has been the reference tool psychologists, researchers, academics, and students have turned to for coverage of the field of psychology. The fourth edition has been updated and expanded to reflect new research in many areas including biological and neurological discoveries and has an enhanced index that provides cross-references between articles. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
Country Studies / Area HandbooksSponsored by the Department of the Army, 71 countries are included providing a wide range of information including history, geography, economy, transportation, people and more.Countries
CQ Magazine (formerly CQ Weekly)Please use "Search CQ Magazine" option at top. Covers virtually every act of Congress, delivering nonpartisan news and analysis. Contains in-depth reports on issues, plus a complete wrap up of the news, including the status of bills in play, behind-the-scenes maneuvering, committee and floor activity, debates and all roll-call votes. WIU USERS ONLY.Political Science/Government
Crash*StatsNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports and data about motor vehicle accidents, fatalities, and traffic-related safety incidents. Transportation
Crime Data ExplorerThe Crime Data Explorer (CDE) replaces Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), Crime in the United States, and Crime in Illinois. Crime data including offenses and arrests are searchable for the entire United States or individual states. The data presented will be updated regularly; look for a time stamp that reflects the refresh date of content or statistics. Datasets can be downloaded.Crime/Justice
Debates on U.S. Health CareUses introductory essays followed by point/counterpoint articles to provide readers with views on multiple sides of this complex issue. Health/Medicine
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Debates on U.S. ImmigrationUses introductory essays followed by point/counterpoint articles to provide readers with views on multiple sides of this complex issue.Society & Issues
Demographic Yearbook (UN)The United Nations Demographic Yearbook collects, compiles and disseminates official statistics on a wide range of topics. Some are covered on an annual basis: population size and composition; births; deaths; and marriage and divorce. Special topics are covered less frequently, including economic activity, educational attainment, household characteristics, housing, ethnicity, and language, among others. Data have been collected from national statistical authorities since 1948. Countries
Diabetes Sourcebook (7th ed.)Provides basic consumer health information about diagnosis, treatment, and management of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, along with facts about lifestyle issues and preventing complications. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and other resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Diccionario M?co (16th ed.)Diccionario m?co es una obra de consulta completa, su contenido proporciona a los estudiantes, m?cos y profesionales tanto de medicina como de diferentes ?as relacionadas con la salud las definiciones de los t?inos m?cos utilizados con mayor frecuencia. La informaciHealth/Medicine
Dictionnaire de l'?ritureCe dictionnaire est un v?table livre de l'?iture pour ?ivains, confirm?ou d?tants, journalistes, et tous ceux qui ?ivent quotidiennement et qui sont constamment habit?par le souci de trouver le mot juste autour d'un germe d'id? D'acc?facile, il fournit de nombreuses id? pour enrichir tous types d'?its : romans, essais, nouvelles, po?e. contes, th?re, etc. Ce "Dictionnaire de l'?iture" appara?a vite comme le meilleur compagnon dans tout travail de cr?ion litt?ire. WIU USERS ONLY.Writing/Style Manuals
Dictionnaire des ?rivains FrancophonesLe Dictionnaire des ?ivains francophones r?it plus de cent soixante articles emprunt?au fonds de l'Encyclop?a Universalis. travers des oeuvres aussi diverses que celles de L?old S?r Senghor, Aim??ire, Kateb Yacine, Georges Sch?d?u Patrick Chamoiseau, on voit comment les litt?tures francophones ont progressivement affirm?eur existence propre en m? temps que s'affirmait la notion de francophonie , au moment des d?lonisations, lorsqu'on prit conscience que le fran?s, loin de se r?ire ?ne identit?ationale, pouvait exprimer les valeurs et les r?s des peuples les plus divers. The Dictionary of French-speaking writers brings together more than 160 articles borrowed from the collection of the Encyclop?a Universalis. Through works as diverse as those of L?old S?r Senghor, Aim??ire, Kateb Yacine, Georges Sch?d?r Patrick Chamoiseau, we see how French-speaking literatures have gradually asserted their own existence at the same time as the notion of "Francophonie" asserted itself, at the time of decolonization, when we realized that French, far from being reduced to a national identity, could express the values and dreams of the most diverse peoples. WIU USERS ONLY.Literature
Digest of Education StatisticsA compilation of statistical information covering the broad field of American education from prekindergarten through graduate school.Education
Digest of Motor LawsThe AAA Digest of Motor Laws is an online compendium of laws and rules related to driving and owning a motor vehicle in the United States and Canada. Browse each state's traffic laws, vehicle titling and registration requirements, fees and taxes, driver's licenses, and traffic safety.Political Science/Government
Digital Sanborn MapsMaps for most Illinois towns and cities from the years 1867-1970. Maps contain information such as outlines of each building, the size, shape and construction materials, street names, property boundaries, and much more. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
Disability in American Life: an Encyclopedia of Concepts, Policies, and ControversiesThis multivolume reference work provides an overview of challenges and opportunities for people with disabilities and their families at all stages of life. Topics covered include characteristics of disability; disability concepts, models, and theories; important historical developments and milestones for people with disabilities; prominent individuals, organizations, and agencies; notable policies and services; and intersections of disability policy with other policy. Includes primary documents and a glossary of terms related to disability studies. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
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Diseases and Illnesses Transmitted to Humans by Animals, Insects and Contaminated Food and WaterThis Health Reference Series special edition deals with the various diseases that are spread by animals, insects, and through food and water contamination, and the identification and outbreak of animal-, insect-, food-, and water-borne diseases. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Domestic Violence Sourcebook (6th ed.)Provides consumer health information about violence, stalking, harassment, and other forms of abuse, and discusses the physical, mental, and social effects of violence against intimate partners, children, teens, the elderly, immigrants, and other populations; gives strategies for prevention and intervention. Includes index, glossary of related terms and directory of resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Drug Abuse Sourcebook (6th ed.)Provides information about abuse of illegal drugs and misuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Describes specific drugs, their health impacts, addiction potential, and harms to individuals, families and communities. Drug treatment and recovery options and information on drug testing and drug-use prevention. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Ear, Nose, and Throat Disorders Sourcebook (3rd ed.)Provides consumer health information about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and disorders that affect the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, and voice. Includes index, glossary of related terms, and other resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Eating Disorders Sourcebook (5th ed.)Offers information on anorexia and bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and other eating disorders. Explains the risk factors for developing eating disorders and the adverse effects and methods used to prevent, diagnose and treat these disorders. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Economics BookAn essential reference for anyone with an interest in how economies work. Uses easy-to-follow graphics, succinct quotations, everyday examples, and accessible text to explain the applications of economics.Economics/Finance
EDGAREDGAR, the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval system, performs automated collection, validation, indexing, acceptance, and forwarding of submissions by companies and others who are required by law to file forms (e.g. 10-K forms) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).Companies/Industries
Edmund's Automobile Buyer's GuidesA service provided by the publisher of the print versions. Includes information and prices for current year model vehicles, used car ratings and prices for models dated 1985 and after and a variety of other information such as tips on buying a car and price negotiation.Consumer Info
Emerging Infectious Diseases SourcebookProvides basic consumer health information about the immune system, facts about the spread of disease, information on emerging infectious diseases, international travel guidance, diagnostic tests, treatment methods, and prevention and vaccination programs, along with reports on current research initiatives and additional resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopaedia includes the complete, updated Encyclopedia Britannica, the oldest and largest general reference in the English language.Encyclopedias, General
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Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient EnvironmentsThe Encyclopedia of Paleoclimatology and Ancient Environments provides the reader with an entry point to the rapidly expanding field of paleoclimatology: the study of climates of the past. Paleoclimatology integrates information from a broad array of disciplines in the geosciences, ranging from stratigraphy, geomorphology, glaciology, paleoecology, paleobotany to geochemistry and geophysics, among others. The encyclopedia offers articles on numerous subjects, ranging from classical geological evidence to the latest research and illustrated with line-drawings, black-white and color photographs. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Activism and Social JusticeThe Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice presents a comprehensive overview of the field with topics of varying dimensions, breadth, and length. This three-volume Encyclopedia is designed for readers to understand the topics, concepts, and ideas that motivate and shape the fields of activism, civil engagement, and social justice and includes biographies of the major thinkers and leaders who have influenced and continue to influence the study of activism. WIU USERS ONLY.Political Science/Government
Encyclopedia of African American SocietyA definitive, reliable, and accessible entry point to learning the basics about African American society, this reference seeks to capture the ways in which the tenets and foundations of African American culture have given rise to today's society. Approaching the field from a "street level" perspective, these volumes cover topics of universal interest in America: rap music, sports, television, cinema, racism, religion, literature, and much more. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Encyclopedia of AgrophysicsThe Encyclopedia of Agrophysics provides up-to-date information on the physical properties and processes affecting the quality of the environment and plant production. The resource is a collection of about 250 informative articles and 400 glossary terms covering all aspects of agrophysics. WIU USERS ONLY.Food/Agriculture
Encyclopedia of American Industries, 6th ed.Information on every industry recognized by the U.S. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) system. Entries are arranged numerically by SIC code, but also include the corresponding North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code(s). Essays include an overview identifying trends and issues, followed by discussion of the industry's structure, historical development, current conditions, leaders, workforce, and global participation. WIU USERS ONLY.Companies/Industries
Encyclopedia of American Urban HistoryThe Encyclopedia of American Urban History offers both a summary and an interpretation of the field. With contributions from leading academics in their fields, this authoritative resource offers an interdisciplinary approach by covering topics from economics, geography, anthropology, politics, and sociology. WIU USERS ONLY.History
Encyclopedia of AnthropologyThe Encyclopedia of Anthropology contains over 1,000 entries that focus on topics in physical/biological anthropology, archaeology, cultural/social anthropology, linguistics, and applied anthropology. Also included are relevant articles on geology, paleontology, biology, evolution, sociology, psychology, philosophy, and theology. WIU USERS ONLY.Social Sciences
Encyclopedia of Applied Developmental ScienceThis encyclopedia encompasses the entire range of concepts and topics involved in the study of applied developmental science, which seeks to advance the integration of developmental research with actions that promote positive development and/or enhance the life chances of vulnerable children, adolescents, young and old adults, and their families. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior TherapyThe Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy provides a thorough examination of the components of behavior modification, behavior therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and applied behavior analysis for both child and adult populations in a variety of settings. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
Encyclopedia of Black StudiesThe Encyclopedia of Black Studies is a reference source for dynamic and innovative research on the Black experience and contains a full analysis of the economic, political, sociological, historical, literary, and philosophical issues related to Americans of African descent. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
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Encyclopedia of Body Image and Human AppearanceThis scholarly work is the most comprehensive existing resource on human physical appearance: how people's outer physical characteristics and their inner perceptions and attitudes about their own appearance (body image) affect their lives. Chapters are accessible to a wide audience and each provides a glossary of terms and recommended source list. Social Sciences
Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and SocietyThe Encyclopedia of Business Ethics and Society spans the relationships among business, ethics, and society by including more than 800 entries that feature broad coverage of corporate social responsibility, the obligation of companies to various stakeholder groups, the contribution of business to society and culture, and the relationship between organizations and the quality of the environment. WIU USERS ONLY.Philosophy/Ethics
Encyclopedia of Cancer and SocietyThe Encyclopedia of Cancer and Society defines the issues that surround cancer and its effects on society. The scope of the Encyclopedia encompasses the relative individual and societal aspects of cancer, from the latest research from the National Cancer Institute to studies on alternative diet and nutrition treatments. WIU USERS ONLY. Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of Career DevelopmentThis multidisciplinary resource examines career-related issues from psychological, sociological, educational, counseling, organizational behavior, and human resource management perspectives. WIU USERS ONLY.Jobs/Careers
Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the MediaThe Encyclopedia of Children, Adolescents, and the Media presents state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts on the media's interaction with children and adolescents. With more than 400 entries, this resource covers the traditional and electronic media and their controversial impact on children and adolescents. WIU USERS ONLY.Communication/Mass Media
Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather (2nd ed)Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather summarizes humans' evolving efforts to accurately foretell the weather, from guesswork to the development of contemporary forecasting techniques drawn from two scientific disciplines, climatology and meteorology. Each of the 330 entries features cross references, definitions, and additional sources for further study. Over 250 photographs, maps, and charts offer highly evocative depictions of various weather and climate conditions. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Coastal ScienceThe Encyclopedia of Coastal Science features contributions by 245 specialists and is illustrated with line-drawings and photographs. It also includes various appendices, an illustrated glossary of coastal morphology and extensive bibliographic listings. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of CommunityThe Encyclopedia of Community is arranged in an A-to-Z fashion, but can also be viewed topically via a reader's guide, allowing users an interdisciplinary exploration of topics such as types of communities, social capital, technology, urban life, politics and law, community design, and global studies. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Community CorrectionsEncyclopedia of Community Corrections contains nearly 200 entries on the various community-based alternatives to incarceration, representing not only the options available but also the mechanisms used for selection, the effectiveness of these options, their philosophical purposes, and the historical evolution of the alternatives. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Consumption and WasteExplores the topic across multiple disciplines in the social sciences as well as from the perspectives of business, consumerism, environmentalism, and marketing.Environment
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J-K  L  M  N  O  P-Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  #
Encyclopedia of Creativity, Invention, Innovation and EntrepreneurshipThis encyclopedia covers the broad spectrum of topics relating to the process of creativity and innovation from a wide variety of perspectives such as economics, management, psychology, anthropology, policy, technology, education, and the arts. It features some 300 topical entries, definitions of key terms and concepts, and review essays. WIU USERS ONLY.Business/Management
Encyclopedia of Crime and PunishmentA comprehensive overview of material from numerous sources on crime and punishment in these areas: Concepts and Theories; Correction; Law; Crimes; Methods and Statistics; National Surveys; Organizations; Police Science; and Social and Cultural Context. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of DisabilityThe Encyclopedia of Disability is a multidisciplinary, cross-cultural, and historically grounded resource tool that guides the reader across fields, theories, debates, and practices, addressing the question: What is disability and why is it important in my life? An international editorial board of seventy-four editors from the Americas, Europe, Australia, India, Japan, and China, all experts in their own sub-fields of disability, developed these volumes. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and AdministrationThe Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration presents the most recent theories, research, terms, concepts, ideas, and histories on educational leadership and school administration as taught in preparation programs and practiced in schools and colleges today. It contains more than 600 entries, written by professors, graduate students, practitioners, and association officials. WIU USERS ONLY.Education
Encyclopedia of Educational PsychologyMore than 275 entries provide an overview and an explanation of the major topics in the field of human development. Educational psychology applies the knowledge from many different disciplines to the broad process of education, including human learning and development (across the life span), motivation, measurement and statistics, and curriculum and teaching. WIU USERS ONLY.Education
Encyclopedia of Environment and SocietyThe Encyclopedia of Environment and Society brings together issues, concepts, theories, examples, problems, and policies, with the goal of clearly explicating an emerging way of thinking about people and nature, in more than 1,200 entries written by experts from incredibly diverse fields. WIU USERS ONLY.Environment
Encyclopedia of EpidemiologyThe 600+ entries cover every major facet of epidemiology, from risk ratios to case-control studies to mediating and moderating variables, and much more. Relevant topics from related fields such as biostatistics and health economics are also included. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of Gender in MediaExamines the role of the media in enabling, facilitating, or challenging the social construction of gender in our society. Addresses a variety of entertainment and news content in print and electronic media and explores the social construction of masculinity as well as femininity.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Encyclopedia of GeobiologyMoving beyond the borders of the classical core disciplines, geobiology identifies chains of cause-and-effect and connections between the geo- and the biospheres driving the evolution of life in modern and ancient environments. Geobiological information can be extracted not only from visible remains of organisms, but also from organic molecules, rock fabrics, minerals, isotopes and other tracers. The Encyclopedia of Geobiology is a reference for students, researchers, teachers, and the informed public and provides basic knowledge on this expanding discipline. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Geographic Information ScienceThe Encyclopedia of Geographic Information Science covers the essence of this new and expanding field, containing contributions from some of the best recognized scholars in GIScience as well as from experts in GIS' supporting disciplines who explore how their disciplinary perspectives are expanded within the context of GIScience. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J-K  L  M  N  O  P-Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  #
Encyclopedia of Geomagnetism and PaleomagnetismThis reference encompasses the fields of Geomagnetism and Paleomagnetism in a single volume. Both sciences have applications in navigation, in the search for minerals and hydrocarbons, in dating rock sequences, and in unraveling past geologic movements such as plate motions they have contributed to a better understanding of the Earth. This resource is a tool not only for geophysicists and geophysics students but also for geologists, physicists, atmospheric and environmental scientists, and engineers. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Global ReligionProvides an overview of the globalization of religious culture and society around the world in both its historical and contemporary aspects. Includes topics related to the diaspora of cultures; the transitional aspects of religious ideas and practices; the cultural diversity of religious traditions; and the responses of religion to multicultural society.Religion
Encyclopedia of GovernanceA one-stop point of reference for the diverse and complex topics surrounding governance from post-WWII to the 1970s. Concentrates primarily on topics related to the changing nature and role of the state in recent times and the ways in which these roles have been conceptualized in the areas of political science, public administration, political economy, and sociology. WIU USERS ONLY.Political Science/Government
Encyclopedia of Health & AgingCovers new findings in the field as well as conceptual developments guiding research, practice, and policy. The more than 200 entries address the biological, psychological, social, and economic aspects of health and aging and impacts within the health-care system. Also focuses heavily on geriatrics with respect to geriatric syndromes and common diseases of aging. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of Health and BehaviorCovers all aspects of the domain of behavioral medicine: From adherence to a doctor's advice, to emotions and health, to obesity treatment and prevention, to women's health, and all topics in between. Scholars, health care practitioners and the general public will find information on topics such as physical activity, stress and health, smoking, pain management, social support and health, cardiovascular health, health promotion, and HIV/AIDS. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of Health Care ManagementA comprehensive reference work on the business of health care, with information about a broad range of issues affecting every aspect of the industry and the people it serves, employs, and influences. Contains 600+ entries by expert contributors as well as tables on: Health Care Acronyms; Medical Degrees; Medical Legislation; Medical Organizations; and Medical Specialties. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of HomelessnessFocuses on the current situation in the United States with a comparative sampling of homelessness around the world. Key themes include: causes; lifestyle issues; health issues and services; history; legal issues and advocacy; government policies and programs; organizations; research approaches; service systems and settings; size and characteristics of the homeless population; public perceptions of homelessness; and world issues and perspectives. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Human DevelopmentPresents state-of-the-art research and ready-to-use facts from the fields of psychology, individual and family studies, and education. More than 600 entries cover topics as diverse as adolescence, cognitive development, education, family, gender differences, identity, longitudinal research, personality development, prenatal development, temperament, and more. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
Encyclopedia of Human GeographyMore than 300 entries offer a comprehensive overview of the major ideas, concepts, terms, and approaches that characterize a notoriously diverse field. This multidisciplinary volume provides cross-cultural coverage of human geography as it is understood in the contemporary world and takes into account the enormous conceptual changes that have evolved since the 1970s, including a variety of social constructivist approaches. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
Encyclopedia of Immigration and Migration in the American WestDocuments the history of the American West as an important part of the American experience through a combination of general entries, focused biographies, community histories, economic enterprise analyses, and demographic studies. Examines the settling of the West and include coverage of movements of American Indians, African Americans, and the often-forgotten role of women in the West's development. WIU USERS ONLY.History
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J-K  L  M  N  O  P-Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  #
Encyclopedia of Industrial and Organizational PsychologyMore than 400 entries present a thorough overview of the cross-disciplinary field of industrial and organizational psychology for students, researchers, and professionals in the areas of psychology, business, management, and human resources. WIU USERS ONLY.Business/Management
Encyclopedia of Juvenile JusticeProvides more than 200 entries covering historical and contemporary theories, concepts, and real-world practices of juvenile justice in the United States, such as: alcohol and drug abuse, arson, the death penalty for juveniles, computer and Internet crime, gun violence, gangs, missing children, school violence, teen pregnancy, and delinquency theories. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Lakes and ReservoirsThe Encyclopedia of Lakes and Reservoirs reviews the physical, chemical and ecological characteristics of lakes and reservoirs, and describes their uses and environmental state trends in different parts of the world. Illustrated throughout, it includes entries on a range of topics. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Law & Society: American and Global PerspectivesComprehensive and international treatment of the law and society field, presenting interdisciplinary perspectives on law from sociology, criminology, cultural anthropology, political science, social psychology, and economics. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Law EnforcementExamines all facets of law enforcement on the state and local, federal and national, and international stages, providing readers with informed discussions on the practice and theory of policing in an historical and contemporary framework, covering subjects that are particular to the area of state and local, federal and national, and international policing. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of LeadershipIncludes hundreds of articles written by leading scholars and experts from 17 countries, exploring leadership theories and leadership practice. Entries and sidebars show leadership in action: in corporations and state houses, schools, churches, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations. WIU USERS ONLY.Business/Management
Encyclopedia of LifeThe Encyclopedia of Life seeks to be an online reference and database on all 1.9 million species currently known to science and to stay current by capturing information on newly discovered and formally described species.Life Sciences
Encyclopedia of Major Marketing StrategiesVolume 3 of the Encyclopedia of Major Marketing Campaigns (1 & 2 are print). This volume provides 100 essays detailing marketing strategies for some of the top global and emerging brands that appeared from 2010 to 2013. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Encyclopedia of Management, 7th ed.Contains concise background information on management concepts. Also offers in-depth treatment of the entire field of management, encompassing current theories and practices that directly impact the functional areas of the discipline. Topics include activity-based costing, benchmarking, fuzzy logic, logistics, diversification strategy, disaster recovery, marketing, productivity measures, supply chain management, and many more. WIU USERS ONLY.Business/Management
Encyclopedia of Measurement and StatisticsThrough approximately 500 contributions, experts provide an overview and an explanation of the major topics in these two areas. Appendices contain: a guide to basic statistics; a table of critical values used in hypothesis testing and an important part of any reference in this area; and a collection of some important and useful measurement and statistics Internet sites. WIU USERS ONLY.Math/Measurement
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J-K  L  M  N  O  P-Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  #
Encyclopedia of MicrobiologyAimed at both students and the general public, this encyclopedia contains more than 200 entries on the most recent advances and focus areas in microbiology. Entries are organized in alphabetical order and include cross-references to related topics and essays. WIU USERS ONLY.Life Sciences
Encyclopedia of Modern Coral ReefsThis encyclopedia approaches coral reefs from an earth science perspective, concentrating especially on modern reefs. The entries in this encyclopedia condense the large amount of work carried out since Charles Darwin first attempted to understand reef evolution. Leading authorities from many countries have contributed to the entries covering areas of geology, geography and ecology. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Multicultural PsychologyIncludes entries on a broad array of issues and covers the breadth of psychology viewed through the lens of the racial and ethnic minority experience. Addresses culture across a broad spectrum of psychological perspectives and includes topics that are relevant to social psychology, cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and clinical psychology. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent CrimeContains 200 entries covering long-documented classifications such as serial killers and organized crime to cutting edge topics of cyber-stalking, kids who kill, and terrorism. It presents the latest research, insightful commentary, and "true crime" case studies to help in the understanding and deterrence of one of society's gravest problems. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of New MediaWidens the boundaries of today's information society through interdisciplinary, historical, and international coverage of such topics as broadband, content filtering, cyberculture, cyberethics, digital divide, freenet, MP3, privacy, telemedicine, viruses, and wireless networks. WIU USERS ONLY.Communication/Mass Media
Encyclopedia of Political CommunicationDiscusses the major theoretical approaches to the field, including direct and limited effects theories, agenda-setting theories, sociological theories, framing and priming theories, and other past and present conceptualizations. The nearly 600 entries pay considerable attention to political speeches, televised political advertising, political posters and print advertising, televised political debates, and Internet sites. WIU USERS ONLY.Political Science/Government
Encyclopedia of Politics: The Left and The RightContains over 450 articles on individuals, movements, political parties, and ideological principles. Themes include: countries/regions; "isms"; laws; political issues; political movements; political parties; and people. WIU USERS ONLY.Political Science/Government
Encyclopedia of PollutionDesigned to address all aspects of pollution and the entire environmental profession. A sourcebook for learning about many different types of pollutants, including properties, production, uses, environmental release and fate, adverse health response to exposure, and environmental regulations on human exposure using the most current scientific data. WIU USERS ONLY.Environment
Encyclopedia of Prisons & Correctional FacilitiesProvides a critical overview of penal institutions within a historical and contemporary framework, with issues of race, gender, and class fully integrated throughout in order to demonstrate the complexity of the implementation and intended results of incarceration. Contains biographies, articles describing important legal statutes, descriptions of the major prisons in the United States, and comparative data. WIU USERS ONLY. Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Psychological AssessmentA resource for academics, practitioners and students working in any field of applied psychological science. Contains 235 entries covering a variety of fields, each of which includes a general conceptual and methodological overview, a section on relevant assessment devices, and is followed by links to related concepts in the Encyclopedia and a list of references. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J-K  L  M  N  O  P-Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  #
Encyclopedia of Psychology and LawAddresses the interface of psychology and law and draws from the related discipline of criminal justice. Contains a collection of 400+ entries describing a wide array of contemporary and historical psychology and law topics. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
Encyclopedia of Public RelationsExplores the evolution of the public relation field, with examples from history describing events, changing practices, and the key figures who developed and expanded the profession. Addresses key challenges facing the profession of public relations and its practitioners, such as earning the trust and respect of critics and the general public. WIU USERS ONLY.Communication/Mass Media
Encyclopedia of Race and RacismExamines the anthropological, sociological, historical, economic, and scientific theories of race and racism in the modem era. Delves into the historic origins of ideas of race and racism and explores their social and scientific consequences. Includes biographies of significant theorists, as well as political and social leaders and notorious racists. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual DevelopmentFocuses on the developmental process of religion and spirituality across the human life span and offers insight into the characteristics of people and their contexts that interact to influence religious and spiritual development over time. Provides glimpses into the religious and spiritual developmental trajectories of people from all over the world, from many different religious and spiritual backgrounds. WIU USERS ONLY.Religion
Encyclopedia of School Crime and ViolenceLooks at significant cases at high schools and on college campuses, including professional and community responses, and theories as to why these events happened. Also covers theft, bullying, cybercrime, violence, sexual assault, and more. Includes information on some cases outside the United States, as well as entries on the government agencies and other organizations dedicated to analyzing and eradicating school crime and violence. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of School PsychologyA comprehensive guide to the field, featuring the latest research on school learning, motivation, and educational assessment. Approximately 250 entries address student success, behavior disorders, intelligence testing, learning disabilities, strategies to improve academic skills, and more. WIU USERS ONLY.Education
Encyclopedia of Snow, Ice and GlaciersThis encyclopedia mainly focuses on the various aspects of snow, ice and glaciers, but also covers other cryospheric branches in alphabetically arranged, comprehensive articles. It can serve as a reference at the undergraduate and graduate level but is also a tool containing specialized literature for geologists, geographers, climatologists, hydrologists, and water resources engineers as well as for those who are engaged in the practice of agricultural and civil engineering, earth sciences, environmental sciences and engineering, ecosystem management, and other relevant subjects. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Social PsychologyDesigned as a simple, jargon-free introduction to the rapidly growing and important field. Includes more than 600 entries on the ideas and concepts that make up the intellectual and scientific content in the area of social psychology. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
Encyclopedia of Social Science Research MethodsCovers topics not normally viewed as part of social science research methodology, from philosophical issues such as poststructuralism to advanced statistical techniques. In covering the full range of qualitative and quantitative data analyses, this reference offers an integrated approach that allows the reader to choose the most appropriate and robust techniques to apply to each situation. WIU USERS ONLY.Social Sciences
Encyclopedia of Social TheoryAddresses the roots of contemporary social theory, covering its developments, achievements, and prospects from its inception in the 18th century to the present. Examines the global landscape of all the key theories and the theorists behind them, presenting them in the context needed to understand their strengths and weaknesses. WIU USERS ONLY.Social Sciences
A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J-K  L  M  N  O  P-Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z  #
Encyclopedia of Social Welfare History in North AmericaCoverage is broad and interdisciplinary, including the fields of anthropology, health sciences, history, political science, social work, and sociology. Provides readers with basic information about the history of social welfare in Canada, Mexico, and the United States, including important events, developments, and the lives and work of some key contributors to social welfare developments. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of Soil ScienceThe Encyclopedia of Soil Science provides a comprehensive, alphabetical treatment of basic soil science in a single volume containing articles on the salient aspects of soil physics, chemistry, biology, fertility, technology, genesis, morphology, classification and geomorphology. With increased usage of soil for world food production, building materials, and waste repositories, demand has grown for a better global understanding of soil and its processes. Longer articles by leading authorities from around the world are supplemented by some 430 definitions of common terms in soil sciences. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Solid Earth GeophysicsThis volume brings together articles covering established and new concepts of Geophysics across the various sub-disciplines such as Gravity, Geodesy, Geomagnetism, Seismology, Seismics, Deep Earth Processes, Plate Tectonics, Thermal Domains, Computational Methods, etc. in a systematic and consistent format and standard. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of Street Crime in AmericaThe Encyclopedia of Street Crime in America is the most up-to-date work on the subject. The encyclopedia is not only for criminologists, but also for criminal justice practitioners, students of criminology/criminal justice, members of the media, and politicians seeking an overview on the problem of street crime. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of the Black DeathCovers the second plague pandemic, balancing medical history and technical matters with historical, cultural, social, and political factors and effects in Europe and the Islamic world from 1347-1770. Also contains entries on Biblical plagues and the Plague of Justinian, as well as modern-era material such as the work of Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur, the Third Plague Pandemic of the mid-1800s, and plague in the United States. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of the U.S. Government and the Environment: History, Policy, and PoliticsAddresses environmental politics and policy with emphasis on the role played by the U.S. government. Includes essays, single topic entries, and a historical time line of U.S. environmental politics and policy. WIU USERS ONLY.Environment
Encyclopedia of United States National SecurityThe over 750 entries present historical facts and analyses as well as an introduction to some of the more complicated and abstract questions concerning world politics and national security. An interdisciplinary work, this encyclopedia views national security from historical, economic, political, and technological perspectives. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of War & American SocietyA comprehensive, multidisciplinary historical work that examines the numerous ways wars affect societies. It covers a wide range of general thematic categories, issues, and topics that address not only the geopolitical effects of war, but also show how the U.S. engagement in national and international conflicts has affected the social and cultural arena. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate CrimeIncorporates information about a variety of white-collar crimes, and provides examples of persons, statutes, companies, and convictions. The encyclopedia gathers history, definitions, examples, investigation, prosecution, assessments, challenges, and projections into one definitive reference work on the topic. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Women in the American WestEncyclopedia of Women of the American West captures the lives of more than 150 women who made their mark from the mid-1800s to the present, contextualizing their experiences and contributions to American society. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Encyclopedia of World ClimatologyThis encyclopedia emphasizes climatological developments that have evolved over the past twenty years and contains articles prepared by experts on numerous subjects, ranging from standard areas of study to the latest research studies. The relationship between climatology and both physical and social science is fully explored, as is the significance of climate for our future well-being. The information is organized for speedy access. Entries are conveniently arranged in alphabetical order, thoroughly indexed, and cross-referenced. Every entry contains useful citations to additional source materials. WIU USERS ONLY.Physical Sciences
Encyclopedia of World PovertyContains over 800 original articles exploring poverty in various regions of the world and examining the difficulties associated with the definition and measurement of poverty, along with its causes and effects. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Ethnic and Racial Minorities in the U.S. Military: an EncyclopediaA comprehensive encyclopedia covering the role of all major ethnic and racial minorities in the United States during wartime. Highlights the individuals and events that have shaped the experience of minorities in U.S. conflicts.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Europa: Gateway to the European UnionThe official website of the European Union, providing basic information on how the EU works, the latest EU news and events, and links to EU information on the websites of EU institutions and agencies.Countries
European History OnlineExamines 500 years of modern European history regarding religion, politics, science and law, to art and music, as well as the economy, technology and the military. Provides background information and context and describes and analyzes specific transfer processes relevant to Europe.History
Euthanasia/Assisted-Suicide DebateExplores how judicial approaches, legislative responses, and prosecutorial practices have shifted as a result of changes in medical technology and consumer sophistication, emphasizing the 1950s forward.Society & Issues
Facts on File World News DigestA complete archive of the publication Facts on File World News Digest, updated weekly. It covers all major political, social, and economic events since November 1940. Includes an extensive full-text collection of biographies, historical documents, editorials, and background articles. WIU USERS ONLY.History
FAO Statistical YearbookProvides a selection of indicators on food and agriculture by country. The data are drawn from FAOSTAT, the Organizations corporate statistical database (available at, as well as several FAO divisions and other sources within the UN system.Food/Agriculture
FDIC State ProfilesQuarterly data show banking trends and economic indicators in each state over the past 2 years. Figures include employment, building permits, housing price indexes, banks, assets, loans, earnings ratios, and more.Economics/Finance
Federal Consumer Information CenterThe Federal Consumer Information Center (FCIC) helps federal agencies and departments develop and distribute useful information to the public.Consumer Info
FinAid! Financial Aid InformationIncludes a glossary of financial aid terms as well as information about grants, loans and scholarships from both government and nongovernment sources. Also provides links to related sites.Education
Flags of the WorldThe flag reference section of the CIA World Factbook.Countries
Fodors.comTravel guide to countries, cities, hotels, restaurants and more.Sport/Recreation
FRED Economic DataFRED collects data from many sources and lets users search or browse through thousands of economic time series, plus tools to interact with and display the data. To see a partial list of McDonough County data, copy and paste this link: Economics/Finance
Funk & Wagnall's New World EncyclopediaOver 25,000 entries (with images) on all topic areas. Updated annually. WIU USERS ONLY.Encyclopedias, General
Gale Encyclopedia of FitnessCovers 300 topics on physiology, fitness, and diseases and conditions related to fitness.Health/Medicine
Gale Literary IndexMaster index to author and title entries in the major literature series from Gale, many of which are on the shelves at WIU Libraries and which contain biographies of authors and critical essays on their writings. Search by title of a literary work, author's name, or criteria such as birth date, death date, or nationality. WIU USERS ONLY. Literature
Generation X: Americans Born 1965 to 1976Presents data on Gen X attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force, living arrangements, population, spending, time use, and wealth. Compares attitudes of the four generations of American adults, and includes homeownership rates, time use by age and sex, trends in household spending and wealth, and labor force statistics with projections to 2022. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management TermsA comprehensive dictionary including more than 3,200 property and casualty insurance terms, from the International Risk Management Institute.Economics/Finance
Green Business: An A-to-Z GuideProvides an overview of the key principles, approaches, strategies, and tools that businesses have used to reduce their environmental impacts and contribute to sustainability, as well as describing some of the firms that have taken steps to green their operations and products. WIU USERS ONLY.Business/Management
Green Cities: An A-to-Z GuideProvides an overview of the key concepts that urban planners, policy makers, architects, engineers, and developers use to understand the sustainability dimensions of the urban environment. Identifies the strategies cities have used to become greener, reviews the broad concepts associated with green cities, and discusses technologies, infrastructures, and programs that contribute to the greening of cities. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
Green Consumerism: an A-to-Z GuideProvides a survey of the nature of green consumerism, the forms that it takes, the issues that impact it, and the practices it involves. Illuminates the multifaceted and sometimes contested contours of green consumerism and the ways it is embedded and shaped in relation to wider cultural, economic, political, and environmental processes. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Green Culture: An A-to-Z GuideProvides an overview of the many elements of green culture and associated institutions, movements, organizations, and key actors and locations. The entries are from diverse academic perspectives and represent the latest thinking on the topics at hand. WIU USERS ONLY.Environment
Green Education: An A-to-Z GuideEntries provide an historical perspective on the international and domestic treaties that have shaped the direction of the field and inform the reader to current-day trends, examples, and challenges. WIU USERS ONLY.Education
Green Energy: An A-to-Z GuideProvides an overview of the social and environmental dimensions of our energy system, and the key organizations, policy tools, and technologies that can help shape a green energy economy. Each entry draws on scholarship from across numerous disciplines in the social sciences, natural and physical sciences, and engineering. WIU USERS ONLY.Environment
Green Ethics and Philosophy: An A-to-Z GuideCovers the history, theory, practice, and legal aspects of green ethics as well as the work of green ethicists. WIU USERS ONLY.Philosophy/Ethics
Green Food: An A-to-Z GuideEntries paint a picture of agriculture and food's past, present, and future and provide the reader with a basic understanding of the institutions, practices, and concepts to help identify what is and is not a green food. WIU USERS ONLY.Food/Agriculture
Green Health: An A-to-Z GuideContributes to the translation of conceptual health into action by providing an understanding of the interconnectedness of human health, social systems, and nature. Articles may serve as templates for further developments, refinements, creative inventions, and interventions that should advance the global course of green health. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Green Issues and Debates: An A-to-Z GuideDrawing on multiple themes and concepts introduced in the other volumes of the Sage Green series, Green Issues and Debates addresses those topics, such as health, food, technology, culture, energy usage, and climate change. WIU USERS ONLY.Environment
Green Politics: An A-to-Z GuideComprises some of the essential concepts, actors, institutions, and processes in green politics today. Draws on several academic arenas from economics and political science to political ecology and sociology, and focuses on a range of green issues from industrial pollution to indigenous rights. WIU USERS ONLY.Political Science/Government
Green Technology: An A-to-Z GuideExplores the ways that technologies coproduce human civilization and vice versa. In addition to definitions of particular green technologies, this volume examines concepts and frameworks for looking at the interface between technology, society, and the environment. WIU USERS ONLY.Technology
Greenwood Dictionary of EducationCovers the history of education as well as its future trends, aiding in the understanding and use of terms as they apply to contemporary educational research, practice, and theory. Focuses on subjects such as neurosciences in educational behavior, gaming strategies as a learning technique, social networking, and distance education. WIU USERS ONLY.Education
Guide to U.S. Foreign PolicyTraces not only the growth and development of diplomatic policies and traditions but also the shifts in public opinion that shape diplomatic trends. Analyzes key world events that have determined the changing U.S. relations with other nations. Political Science/Government
GuideStarFind up-to-date information on thousands of nonprofits, including contact info, revenue and expense data for the current year, balance sheet data up to 5 years, and other financial and administrative data.Consumer Info
Handbook of Death & DyingTakes stock of the vast literature in the field of thanatology. Contains 100+ entries written by researchers in the fields of: Anthropology; Family Studies; History; Law; Medicine; Mortuary Science; Philosophy; Psychology; Social work; Sociology; and Theology. WIU USERS ONLY.Psychology
Health Information (NIH)Publications & fact sheets,, health hotlines, A-Z topic index, institutes, MEDLINEplus, and other resources from the National Institutes of Health.Health/Medicine
Healthfinder.govHealthfinder is a free gateway to reliable consumer health and human services information developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.Health/Medicine
Historical Dictionary of Islamic FundamentalismProvides a comprehensive and detailed examination into Islam as a religion, Islam as a government, and Islam as a way of life. Analyzes various groups, events, movements, key figures, and dogmas that have influenced contemporary Islamic Fundamentalism.Religion
Historical Statistics of the United StatesStatistical tables and more than 37,000 data series covering the pre-colonial period through the present.Facts/Statistics
Holocaust EncyclopediaHundreds of articles on all aspects of the Holocaust, from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum. History
Hoover's Company RecordsFeaturing in-depth profiles of companies, Hoover's reports provide access to thorough and up-to-date business information. Available via Nexis Uni. WIU USERS ONLY. Companies/Industries
Hoover's Industry SnapshotsHoover's industry information covers key industries, with each snapshot including an industry overview, the top companies, key people, and more. Available via Nexis Uni. WIU USERS ONLY.Companies/Industries
Household Spending: Who Spends How Much on WhatBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on hundreds of products and services by age, income, household type, race, region, and educational attainment. Data categories include apparel; entertainment; financial products; food and alcohol; gifts; household operations; shelter and utilities; personal care, reading, education, and tobacco; and transportation. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
How Products Are MadeExplains and details the manufacturing process of products, from daily household items to complicated electronic equipment and heavy machinery. Provides step-by-step descriptions of the assembly and the manufacturing process. Each product entry discusses background, how the item works, who invented the product, raw materials that were used, product applications, by-products that are generated, etc. Brief inventor biographies are also included. Consumer Info
Illinois County Data Book, 7th Edition (2013)Collects in one place the major demographic, economic, and political statistics for each Illinois county. The appendices list counties by representative, legislative, and Congressional districts.Political Science/Government
Immigrants in American History: Arrival, Adaptation, and IntegrationA chronological study of the migration of various ethnic groups to the United States from 1500 to the present day. Explores dozens of immigrant populations in America and delves into major topical issues affecting different groups across time periods. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Index to Plays in Collections at WIUIf you cannot find a play script under its own title in our catalog (WestCat), use this tool to determine whether WIU owns the play as part of a larger anthology or collection (i.e. Best Plays of...).Movies/Theater
InfobelAn index of online phone books, with over 400 links to yellow pages, white pages, business directories, email addresses and fax listings from over 170 countries around the world.Phone Numbers/Zip Codes
Information Please AlmanacFast facts in the areas of: World & News, United States, History & Gov't, Biography, Sports, Arts & Ent., Business, Calendar & Holidays, Health & Science, as well as a Homework Center and various calculator and conversion tools.Facts/Statistics
Intellicast.comLocal, national, and global weather information, including interactive weather maps, extended forecasts, hourly forecasts, past observations, and historic averages. Radar, infrared, and satellite weather imaging.Physical Sciences
International Directory of Company HistoriesHistories provide a company overview, describe major marketing campaigns and notable activities, highlight principal competitors, and offer a list of further readings. Volumes 100 onward are full-text online. Volumes 1-114 are available in the print reference collections at both Malpass and WIU Libraries-Quad Cities. WIU USERS ONLY.Companies/Industries
International Encyclopedia of Organization StudiesOffers an overview of many of the major ideas, concepts, terms, and approaches that characterize the field of organization studies. Brings together a team of international contributors from the fields of management, psychology, sociology, communications, education, political science, public administration, anthropology, law, and other related areas. WIU USERS ONLY.Business/Management
International Financial StatisticsInternational statistics and economic data from the IMF on more than 200 countries, from 1945 to the present. WIU USERS ONLY.Economics/Finance
International Trade Statistics Yearbook (Comtrade)This United Nations resource offers two types of trade data: trade by country and trade by commodity. Trade by commodity provides information on the world trade of individual commodities (3-digit SITC groups) and eleven world trade tables covering trade values and indices.Economics/Finance
Internet Movie Database (IMDB)Provides a wide variety of search options including movie titles, cast/crew names, plot summaries and some reviews.Movies/Theater
LEO Deutsch-Englisches WoerterbuchOnline English to German and German to English dictionary. Includes definitions, derivations, pronunciation help, idioms, and verb conjugations.Dictionaries/Thesauri
Life Insurers Fact BookEach year the Fact Book provides statistics and information on trends in the life insurance industry. Specific topics covered include assets, liabilities, income, expenditures, reinsurance, life insurance, and annuities.Economics/Finance
LINE Dict: Chinese EnglishAn online dictionary with English and Chinese for language learners. Word, Pinyin, radical, and handdrawn character search options.Dictionaries/Thesauri
Lists of American universities and collegesProvides links to institutions of higher education in the United States (colleges and universities) by state, grouped by Census Region, as well as lists of institutions in United States insular areas and of American institutions located outside the United States and its territories. Education
Literature Suppressed on Political GroundsSpotlights works that have been censored, banned, or condemned because of their political content. Entries include a summary, censorship history, and brief bibliography and range widely from Aristotle through Adolf Hitler. WIU USERS ONLY.Literature
Literature Suppressed on Religious GroundsSpotlight works that have been censored, banned, or condemned because of their religious content. Entries include a summary, censorship history, and brief bibliography, and are wide-ranging. WIU USERS ONLY.Literature
Literature Suppressed on Sexual GroundsSpotlight works that have been censored, banned, or condemned because of their sexual content. Entries include a summary, censorship history, and brief bibliography, and are wide-ranging. WIU USERS ONLY.Literature
Literature Suppressed on Social GroundsSpotlights works that have been censored, banned, or condemned because of their social content. Entries include a summary, censorship history, and brief bibliography, and range widely. WIU USERS ONLY.Literature
MapQuestAn interactive website atlas that calculates driving times, gives travel directions, and other navigational information.Geography/Maps
Maps of the AmericasIncludes maps of the Americas, primarily from the CIA. U.S. maps include historical and census maps with metropolitan area and county outline maps for each state.Geography/Maps
MarketWatch Market ScreenerAllows you to choose one of four major exchanges, then rank the companies by any of ten market criteria, e.g., most active by dollars traded, largest net price loss, 52-week highs by % price gain.Companies/Industries
MayoClinic.comUpdated daily, this website is produced by a team of physicians, scientists, writers, and educators affiliated with the Mayo Clinic.Health/Medicine
Merck Manual: Professional VersionSearchable version of "the world's most widely used general medical text."Health/Medicine
Mergent Corporate ManualsFull-text company histories, business descriptions, financial statements for the years 1909 to the present. WIU USERS ONLY.Companies/Industries
Merriam Webster Online SearchSearchable version of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary as well as a thesaurus, medical dictionary, and Spanish-English dictionary.Dictionaries/Thesauri
Metric Conversions.orgOffers metric conversion charts and calculators, as well as downloadable and printable conversion tables for temperature, weight, length, area, and volume.Math/Measurement
MLA Directory of PeriodicalsPublication info (e.g., addresses, advertising rates, submission guidelines) about MLA-indexed periodicals. WIU USERS ONLY.Communication/Mass Media
Monster.comA global online network for careers, connecting companies with job-seekers.Jobs/Careers
Monthly Bulletin of Statistics OnlineMonthly, quarterly, and annual tables with current economic statistics and trends for most of the countries and areas of the world. WIU USERS ONLY.Facts/Statistics
MRI PlusProduct, advertising, and marketing data from Mediamark Research & Intelligence. Contact the Malpass Library Reference Desk for access information. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Multicultural America: an Encyclopedia of the Newest AmericansExplores the lives of immigrant groups from 50 countries who have contributed to the United States, exploring all aspects of lives in the old world as well as the new. Examines why people have come to the United States, how they have adjusted to and integrated into American society. Includes accounts of the experiences of the second generation and the effects of relations between the United States and the sending country. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
N.A.D.A. GuidesComprehensive site offering vehicle information and valuation on new and used cars, trucks, classic cars, motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles, boats, personal watercraft, recreation vehicles (RVs) and manufactured homes.Consumer Info
National Accounts Official Country InfoNational Accounts Statistics: Main Aggregates and Detailed Tables contains detailed national accounts data for most countries and areas of the world. The national data for each country and area are presented in separate chapters using uniform table headings and classifications recommended in the United Nations System of National Accounts 1993 (1993 SNA). Data availability varies across countries and fiscal years as not all UN member countries are able to provide a complete set of data. Economics/Finance
Newspapers on Microfilm (IL)A list of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library's Newspaper Microfilm Collection, which contains more than 5,000 newspaper titles, including newspaper titles from every one of Illinois' 102 counties, dating from the early nineteenth century. Also search an online index of the Illinois State Journal (Sangamon Journal on November 10, 1831-1847; the Illinois Journal from 1847-1855; and the Illinois State Journal from 1855-1860. Topics are largely Illinois-related, but you can search people, places and events, alphabetically and chronologically. All newspapers are available on interlibrary loan. Communication/Mass Media
NYSE Listings DirectoryThis is much more than a list of stocks, ETFs, Indices, and REITs on the Exchange. Use the "Filter" box to search by ticker symbol instead of scrolling. Each entry packs a lot of data into one place, including current trading information, a chart section where you can compare prices and volume with another stock, and an historic prices section where you can choose dates to see daily, weekly, or monthly prices and volumes. Companies/Industries
O*NetOccupational Information Network is a skills-based occupational database produced by the Dept. of Labor to replace the Dictionary of Occupational Titles.Jobs/Careers
Occupational Outlook HandbookOnline edition of print version. Includes information about careers: job descriptions, training needed and outlook for future employment.Jobs/Careers
Official U.S. TimeFrom the U.S. Naval Observatory Time Service Department (the official source of time used in the United States) and the National Institute of Standards & Technology. Select your time zone to see the correct time.Time/Calendars
Omni CalculatorA single site that provides over 700 different calculators in areas as diverse as chemistry, construction, everyday life, finance, physics, sports, and health.Math/Measurement
OneLook DictionarySearches over 4 million words in more than 800 online dictionaries.Dictionaries/Thesauri
OnlineConversion.comProvides forms to convert length, weight, volume, area, temperature and more.Math/Measurement
OnlineNewspapers.comThis site lists the websites of over 4,000 newspapers (from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe).Communication/Mass Media
Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social HistoryThe Oxford Encyclopedia of American Social History (2012) synthesizes the latest thinking about the great events and historical transformations in American history. The more than 450 entries in this work, signed by topic experts, examine our shared history "from the bottom up," with entries on topics intended to help readers develop a richer framework for understanding the social experience of Americans throughout history. Features include heavy cross-referencing, selective bibliographies, and a topical outline of entries. WIU USERS ONLY.History
Oxford English DictionaryHistorical dictionary of English, covering the language from the earliest times to the present day. WIU USERS ONLY.Dictionaries/Thesauri
Oxford Music OnlineIndex to entries on music and musicians, with images and audio. WIU USERS ONLY.Arts/Music
Peterson's College GuidesOnline versions of the printed guides. Guides to undergraduate, graduate and vocational-technical schools. Searchable by name, location, and other variables.Education
PollingReport.comAn "independent, nonpartisan resource" on trends in American public opinion.Political Science/Government
Princeton Dictionary of BuddhismProvides encyclopedic coverage of the most important terms, concepts, texts, authors, deities, schools, monasteries, and geographical sites from across the history of Buddhism. Includes both brief definitions and substantial short essays on the broader meaning and significance of the term covered. WIU USERS ONLY.Religion
Project Vote SmartNonpartisan information about congressional office holders including voting records and performance evaluations from special interest groups. Additional information about presidential candidates, campaign finance, names and addresses of representatives, and individual political issues. Political Science/Government Biographical DictionaryCovers notable women and men from ancient times to the present day.Biography
SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism (1st ed.)The Encyclopedia of Terrorism presents authoritative coverage of one of the world's most important topics. With more than 300 articles, the Encyclopedia provides detailed discussions of the who, what, where, when, and why of terrorism. The articles cover such topics as Al-Qaeda, biological terrorism, extremism, Saddam Hussein, jihad, Zacarias Moussaoui, and suicide bombers. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism (2nd ed.)This second edition offers a comprehensive presentation of the terrorist environment, exploring the characteristics, challenges, and controversies of a dynamic and evolving post-9/11 era. In particular, the new edition adds theoretical entries on such topics as economics and terrorism, international relations and terrorism, and religious and spiritual perspectives. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
SAGE Handbook of Geographical KnowledgeThis handbook provides an analysis of geographical knowledge in three areas (Geographical Orientations; Geography's Venues; and Critical Geographical Concepts and Controversies) and places geographical theory, practice, and controversy in their spatial-temporal circumstances. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
Samuel French Catalogue SearchSearch the Samuel French catalog of plays by type of play, genre, casting requirements, type of performing group, use of play (monologues, auditions), and from lists of award winners.Movies/Theater
Saskia Digital Archive30,000 digital images of paintings, sculpture, and architecture. Covers art, archaeology, classical artifacts, and architecture from antiquity to present day. Arts/Music
Sexual Violence and Abuse: An Encyclopedia of Prevention, Impacts, and RecoveryProvides a comprehensive resource on sexual violence and abuse, bringing together the full range of topics across a human lifespan in a single work.Society & Issues Urban Legends Reference PageFact checking on urban legends, common fallacies, misinformation, old wives' tales, strange news stories, rumors, celebrity gossip, and similar items.Facts/Statistics
Social History of Crime and Punishment in America: an EncyclopediaComprehensive coverage of the field from the colonial era to the present, including crime, policing, courts and law, imprisonment, and theoretical and philosophical issues. Articles range from large conceptual and historical treatments to smaller articles on individuals and specific crimes. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Society at a Glance: OECD Social IndicatorsOffers a concise overview of quantitative social trends and policies across the OECD. Includes information on social issues such as demography & family characteristics, employment & unemployment, poverty & inequality, social & health care expenditure, and trust & tolerance. Facts/Statistics
SpanishDictSpanishDict is the world's largest Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and language learning website.Dictionaries/Thesauri
Sperling's BestPlacesOffers city profiles, cost of living indices, crime rates, climate data, and more.Consumer Info
St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture, 2nd ed.More than 3,000 essays on 20th and 21st century topics and persons in major areas of popular culture, including film, music, social life, sports, television and radio, art, and live performance of all kinds. WIU USERS ONLY.Society & Issues
Standard Directory of Advertisers/Advertising AgenciesOnline version of the "Redbooks" profiles companies that spend at least $200,000 on advertising. Includes general company information as well as data such as advertising expenditures, advertising media,advertising expenditures by media, and information on the advertising agency(ies) the company employs. Detailed information on the ad agencies includes area(s) of specialization, billing figures, billings by advertising media, key personnel, and accounts serviced by the agency. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Stanford Encyclopedia of PhilosophyAn authoritative and comprehensive encyclopedia devoted to the academic discipline of philosophy, regularly updated.Philosophy/Ethics
State Government InformationOrganized by the Library of Congress, includes links to state sites, organizations, and state maps.Political Science/Government
State of Illinois Officials DirectoriesFour directories of officials are available in PDF format from the Illinois State Board of Elections. Scroll down to the "Directory of Officials" menu. Choose from County Officials, Federal and State Officials, Judicial Officials, or Party Officials, then click on the "Get Publication" button to download the PDF.Phone Numbers/Zip Codes
Statistical Abstract of the United StatesThe authoritative and comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States, published as a government document from 1878 to 2012. Includes tables and graphs. Searchable by subject.Facts/Statistics
Statistical Yearbook (UN)From the United Nations, a comprehensive compilation of internationally available statistics on social and economic conditions and activities, at world, regional and national levels. Facts/Statistics
Switchboard.comU.S. phone number database. Search for businesses by name or category and location. Search for a person or do a reverse lookup on a phone number.Phone Numbers/Zip Codes
Teacher Certification DegreesA guide for individuals who want to learn how to become a teacher or advance their teaching career by earning an advanced degree. Describes teaching certification requirements in each state; contains profiles and reviews of teaching programs and schools. Also lists job openings for teachers. Education
The American Marketplace: Demographics and Spending PatternsHundreds of tables are organized into 11 chapters covering attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force, living arrangements, population, spending, time use, and wealth. Provides population profiles and estimates for the nation, states, and metropolitan areas. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
The Baby Boom: Americans Born 1946 to 1964Analyzes Boomer attitudes, lifestyles, incomes, spending, and wealth, including data such as homeownership rates, time use by age and sex, trends in household spending, and more. Statistically profiles the U.S. population aged 50 or older, as well as people aged 69 or older in 2014. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
The Millenials: Americans Born 1977 to 1994Examines Millennials' attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force, living arrangements, population, spending, time use, and wealth. A supplement on the iGeneration covers similar categories. Also covered is what might be called the Recession Generation-the 16 million Americans born in the aftermath of the Great Recession. Includes population estimates by race and Hispanic origin, and labor force statistics are shown with projections to 2022. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
The Time NowThe Time Now is a major place to look for the current time of any location in the world. They also provide other information such as daylight saving time, time zones, currencies, country calling codes, detailed weather and forecast, sunrise & sunset, moonrise & moonset, coordinates, and other information when available.Time/Calendars
ThisNationProvides factual, unbiased information about government and politics in the United States of America. Contains an introductory American Government text and a library of historical documents including Supreme Court decisions, Executive Orders, speeches, public laws & resolutions, political essays, treaties, pacts & agreements, and constitutions of other nations.Political Science/Government
ThomasNetThomasNet enables the user to search by qualified manufacturer, distributor, MRO provider or custom manufacturer, or to search by product using an engineer-built classification system.Companies/Industries
Tourism Statistics DatabaseTourism statistics gathered by the UN's World Tourism Organization include data on inbound, outbound, and domestic tourism, international tourism flows, tourism industries, employment, the economic contributions of tourism,and many other indicators.Sport/Recreation
U.S. Congressional Serial Set MapsCity, county, state, and national maps (U.S.) published as part of U.S. Congressional Serial Set from 1817-1980. The more than 50,000 maps in the U.S. Congressional Serial Set range from the great atlases to small individual maps clarifying very specific land questions, to the great triangulation surveys, to weekly weather maps. WIU USERS ONLY.Geography/Maps
U.S. Economics and Statistics AdministrationThis resource provides access to current national economic data from a number of federal agencies. There are links for indicators, reports, and news articles.Economics/Finance
U.S. Government ManualProvides comprehensive information on the agencies of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches. Also includes information on quasi-official agencies; international organizations in which the United States participates; and boards, commissions, and committees. Political Science/Government
UIS Stat (UNESCO)The UNESCO Institute for Statistics's page for cross-nationally comparable statistics on education, science and technology, culture, and communication for more than 200 countries and territories.Education
Ulrich's International PeriodicalsData on over 210,000 regularly published and irregularly issued serials; publisher contact info. WIU USERS ONLY.Communication/Mass Media
Unbeatable ResumesShows readers how to build a resume and pair it with a concise, dynamic cover letter. Learn the critical components of well-written resume; how to ensure that a resume gets read; what employers like and dislike; how to customize a resume for a particular job; and info on video resumes, job-search websites, and social networking sites. WIU USERS ONLY.Jobs/Careers
USA City LinkLinks to city and state web sites providing primarily tourist oriented information. Descriptions of locations of interest, historic sites, museums, lodging and restaurants. Some sites also include information about local governments and organizations.Sport/Recreation
Value Line Investment SurveyStock market reports and industry reviews. Including price performance, projections of key financial measures, and commentary. WIU USERS ONLY.Companies/Industries
Wall Street Journal Market Data CenterData on stock indexes, stocks, currencies, mutual funds, treasury bills and notes, bonds, ETFs, and more.Economics/Finance
Weather @ CNNCNN provides current weather conditions, maps, and the forecast. Defaults to Macomb, IL/WIU area.Physical Sciences
Weather HistoryFind daily, weekly, and monthly historical weather data for a city/zip code or by airport code.Physical Sciences
Weather.comGet current weather information and forecasting (including Local Doppler and Regional Satellite images). Physical Sciences
Who We Are: AsiansContains facts about the size and characteristics of the country's Asian population, the fastest-growing segment of the consumer marketplace. Examines their attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force status, living arrangements, population, spending, and time use. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Who We Are: BlacksPresents facts about the size and characteristics of this fast-growing and politically powerful minority. Examines their attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force status, living arrangements, population, spending, time use, and wealth. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Who We Are: HispanicsPresents facts about the nation's largest minority. Examines their attitudes, education, health, housing, income, labor force status, living arrangements, population, spending, time use, and wealth. WIU USERS ONLY.Ethnic & Gender Studies
Who's Buying Alcoholic and Nonalcoholic BeveragesBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on specific beverages by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. It looks at who buys beer, wine, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages at home, on trips, and at restaurants and bars. It also examines who buys soda, coffee and tea, sports drinks, milk, bottled water, etc. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying ApparelBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on clothing by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Also looks at who buys apparel and shoes for infants, boys and girls, men and women, plus jewelry, sewing material, laundering, dry cleaning, and more. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying at Restaurants and Carry-OutsBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on eating out by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Also looks at spending on breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks consumed at fast-food and full-service restaurants, employer and school cafeterias, and vending machines and mobile vendors. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying by AgeBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, presents data on spending patterns by age, which is probably the most important predictor of spending. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying by Race and Hispanic OriginBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, presents detailed, product-by-product household spending statistics for Asians, blacks, Hispanics, and non-Hispanic whites. Categories include apparel, entertainment, financial products and services, food and alcoholic beverages, gifts, health care, household operations, shelter, transportation, personal care, reading, education, and tobacco. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying EntertainmentBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on amusing themselves by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Individual products range from television sets to movie tickets, video games, cable service, pet food, toys, sports equipment, and recreational vehicles. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying for PetsBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on pets by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Categories include pet food; pet purchase, supplies, and medicine; pet services (e.g., grooming and dog walking); and veterinary services. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying for TravelBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on getting out of town by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Products and services studied include airline and ship fares, lodging on trips, restaurant meals and alcohol purchased on trips, auto rentals on trips, luggage, recreational expenses on trips, etc. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying GroceriesBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on food at grocery and convenience stores by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. The 80+ examined products fall within the categories of cereals and bakery products; meats, poultry, fish, and eggs; dairy products; fruits and vegetables; sugar and other sweets; fats and oils; and a miscellaneous category that includes fresh prepared food, snacks, condiments and seasonings, and nonalcoholic beverages. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying Health CareBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend out-of-pocket on health care by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Data categories include health insurance, medical services (lab tests, dental and physician services, etc.), drugs (prescription, nonprescription, and vitamins), and medical supplies (eyeglasses and contact lenses, etc.). WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying Household Furnishings, Services, and SuppliesBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on their homes by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Data categories include furniture, floor coverings, household textiles, appliances, and miscellaneous household equipment such as lamps and power tools. Also included are household services (day care, housekeeping, lawn care, etc.) and household supplies (laundry detergent, toilet paper, stationery and giftwrap, etc.). WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying Information and Consumer ElectronicsBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on information and consumer electronics by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Covers cell phone service, computer hardware and software, books, digital book readers, video games, televisions, newspapers and magazines, audio and video streaming, and more. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying TransportationBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, examines how much Americans spend on getting around town by age, income, household type, race, region, and education. Data categories include vehicle purchases (new and used cars and trucks, etc.), gasoline and motor oil, other vehicle expenses (insurance, finance charges, maintenance and repairs, leasing, etc.), and public transportation. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's Buying: Executive Summary of Household SpendingBased on unpublished data collected by the BLS Consumer Expenditure Survey, presents a broad overview of household spending. Examines consumer spending trends and patterns and how the patterns differ by demographic characteristics: age, income, household type, region of residence, race and Hispanic origin, education, household size, homeowners and renters, number of earners in household, and occupation. WIU USERS ONLY.Marketing
Who's WhoBiographical information from 20 major Who's Who titles including: Who's Who in America; Who Was Who in America; Who's Who in the Midwest; Who's Who in the World; Who's Who of American Women; Who's Who in Finance & Business. Available via Nexis Uni. WIU USERS ONLY.Biography
Workers in America: A Historical EncyclopediaExamines the complete panorama of America's work history, including the historical account of work and workers, the social inequities between the rich and poor, violence in the Labor Movement, and issues of globalization and industrial economics.Economics/Finance
World Bank: World Development IndicatorsSubsets of the World Development Indicators (WDI) covering 209 countries from 1960 to 2008 translated into Spanish, French and Arabic. Economics/Finance
World Clock - Time ZonesDisplays the current time in all parts of the world.Time/Calendars
World Directory of Minorities and Indigenous PeoplesEncyclopedic entries about minority and indigenous peoples, their rights, and their historical, political, and geographical contexts. Browse by country, region, and minority, or search by keyword.Ethnic & Gender Studies
World Embassy PageProvides links to embassy websites of nations throughout the world. The page allows you to find embassies by either host or guest country.Countries
World Literature In Spanish: an EncyclopediaCovers literatures throughout the world that are written in Spanish. Entries are arranged alphabetically and provide an introduction to the global, complex tradition of literature composed in Spanish and demonstrate the distinguished and numerous contributions of Spanish literature to world civilization. WIU USERS ONLY.Literature
World NewspapersLinks to world newspapers, magazines and news sites in English.Communication/Mass Media
World Resources ReportsThe World Resources Institute's yearly collection of data and in-depth analysis on current environmental issues, focusing on: Climate, Energy & Transport, Governance & Access, Markets & Enterprise, and People & Ecosystems.Countries
WWWJDICSearch English to Japanese or Japanese to English using roman characters, furigana, or kanji. Look up kanji by radical or hand-drawing to see info on readings and meanings.Dictionaries/Thesauri
XE Currency ConverterThe XE Currency Converter allows you to perform interactive foreign exchange rate conversion.Economics/Finance
Yahoo NewsUp-to-the-minute global news and information from the Associated Press, CNN, NPR, Reuters and other news organizations (via Yahoo).Current Events is a substantial collection of dictionaries on the web (more than 1500 dictionaries representing more than 230 languages).Dictionaries/Thesauri
Zip Code LookupProvides zip codes for addresses entered, full addresses for companies when name and city/state data are entered. Entering a zip code will result in the corresponding city and state. Phone Numbers/Zip Codes