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"Crime/Justice" (14 results)
Crime Data ExplorerThe Crime Data Explorer (CDE) replaces Uniform Crime Reports (UCR), Crime in the United States, and Crime in Illinois. Crime data including offenses and arrests are searchable for the entire United States or individual states. The data presented will be updated regularly; look for a time stamp that reflects the refresh date of content or statistics. Datasets can be downloaded.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Community CorrectionsEncyclopedia of Community Corrections contains nearly 200 entries on the various community-based alternatives to incarceration, representing not only the options available but also the mechanisms used for selection, the effectiveness of these options, their philosophical purposes, and the historical evolution of the alternatives. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Crime and PunishmentA comprehensive overview of material from numerous sources on crime and punishment in these areas: Concepts and Theories; Correction; Law; Crimes; Methods and Statistics; National Surveys; Organizations; Police Science; and Social and Cultural Context. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Juvenile JusticeProvides more than 200 entries covering historical and contemporary theories, concepts, and real-world practices of juvenile justice in the United States, such as: alcohol and drug abuse, arson, the death penalty for juveniles, computer and Internet crime, gun violence, gangs, missing children, school violence, teen pregnancy, and delinquency theories. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Law EnforcementExamines all facets of law enforcement on the state and local, federal and national, and international stages, providing readers with informed discussions on the practice and theory of policing in an historical and contemporary framework, covering subjects that are particular to the area of state and local, federal and national, and international policing. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Murder and Violent CrimeContains 200 entries covering long-documented classifications such as serial killers and organized crime to cutting edge topics of cyber-stalking, kids who kill, and terrorism. It presents the latest research, insightful commentary, and "true crime" case studies to help in the understanding and deterrence of one of society's gravest problems. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Prisons & Correctional FacilitiesProvides a critical overview of penal institutions within a historical and contemporary framework, with issues of race, gender, and class fully integrated throughout in order to demonstrate the complexity of the implementation and intended results of incarceration. Contains biographies, articles describing important legal statutes, descriptions of the major prisons in the United States, and comparative data. WIU USERS ONLY. Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of School Crime and ViolenceLooks at significant cases at high schools and on college campuses, including professional and community responses, and theories as to why these events happened. Also covers theft, bullying, cybercrime, violence, sexual assault, and more. Includes information on some cases outside the United States, as well as entries on the government agencies and other organizations dedicated to analyzing and eradicating school crime and violence. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of Street Crime in AmericaThe Encyclopedia of Street Crime in America is the most up-to-date work on the subject. The encyclopedia is not only for criminologists, but also for criminal justice practitioners, students of criminology/criminal justice, members of the media, and politicians seeking an overview on the problem of street crime. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of United States National SecurityThe over 750 entries present historical facts and analyses as well as an introduction to some of the more complicated and abstract questions concerning world politics and national security. An interdisciplinary work, this encyclopedia views national security from historical, economic, political, and technological perspectives. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate CrimeIncorporates information about a variety of white-collar crimes, and provides examples of persons, statutes, companies, and convictions. The encyclopedia gathers history, definitions, examples, investigation, prosecution, assessments, challenges, and projections into one definitive reference work on the topic. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism (1st ed.)The Encyclopedia of Terrorism presents authoritative coverage of one of the world's most important topics. With more than 300 articles, the Encyclopedia provides detailed discussions of the who, what, where, when, and why of terrorism. The articles cover such topics as Al-Qaeda, biological terrorism, extremism, Saddam Hussein, jihad, Zacarias Moussaoui, and suicide bombers. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
SAGE Encyclopedia of Terrorism (2nd ed.)This second edition offers a comprehensive presentation of the terrorist environment, exploring the characteristics, challenges, and controversies of a dynamic and evolving post-9/11 era. In particular, the new edition adds theoretical entries on such topics as economics and terrorism, international relations and terrorism, and religious and spiritual perspectives. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice
Social History of Crime and Punishment in America: an EncyclopediaComprehensive coverage of the field from the colonial era to the present, including crime, policing, courts and law, imprisonment, and theoretical and philosophical issues. Articles range from large conceptual and historical treatments to smaller articles on individuals and specific crimes. WIU USERS ONLY.Crime/Justice