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"Health/Medicine" (14 results)
AMA Doctor FinderProvides basic professional information on virtually every licensed physician in the United States.Health/Medicine
Debates on U.S. Health CareUses introductory essays followed by point/counterpoint articles to provide readers with views on multiple sides of this complex issue. Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of Cancer and SocietyThe Encyclopedia of Cancer and Society defines the issues that surround cancer and its effects on society. The scope of the Encyclopedia encompasses the relative individual and societal aspects of cancer, from the latest research from the National Cancer Institute to studies on alternative diet and nutrition treatments. WIU USERS ONLY. Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of EpidemiologyThe 600+ entries cover every major facet of epidemiology, from risk ratios to case-control studies to mediating and moderating variables, and much more. Relevant topics from related fields such as biostatistics and health economics are also included. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of Health & AgingCovers new findings in the field as well as conceptual developments guiding research, practice, and policy. The more than 200 entries address the biological, psychological, social, and economic aspects of health and aging and impacts within the health-care system. Also focuses heavily on geriatrics with respect to geriatric syndromes and common diseases of aging. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of Health and BehaviorCovers all aspects of the domain of behavioral medicine: From adherence to a doctor's advice, to emotions and health, to obesity treatment and prevention, to women's health, and all topics in between. Scholars, health care practitioners and the general public will find information on topics such as physical activity, stress and health, smoking, pain management, social support and health, cardiovascular health, health promotion, and HIV/AIDS. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of Health Care ManagementA comprehensive reference work on the business of health care, with information about a broad range of issues affecting every aspect of the industry and the people it serves, employs, and influences. Contains 600+ entries by expert contributors as well as tables on: Health Care Acronyms; Medical Degrees; Medical Legislation; Medical Organizations; and Medical Specialties. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Encyclopedia of the Black DeathCovers the second plague pandemic, balancing medical history and technical matters with historical, cultural, social, and political factors and effects in Europe and the Islamic world from 1347-1770. Also contains entries on Biblical plagues and the Plague of Justinian, as well as modern-era material such as the work of Robert Koch and Louis Pasteur, the Third Plague Pandemic of the mid-1800s, and plague in the United States. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Gale Encyclopedia of FitnessCovers 300 topics on physiology, fitness, and diseases and conditions related to fitness.Health/Medicine
Green Health: An A-to-Z GuideContributes to the translation of conceptual health into action by providing an understanding of the interconnectedness of human health, social systems, and nature. Articles may serve as templates for further developments, refinements, creative inventions, and interventions that should advance the global course of green health. WIU USERS ONLY.Health/Medicine
Health Information (NIH)Publications & fact sheets,, health hotlines, A-Z topic index, institutes, MEDLINEplus, and other resources from the National Institutes of Health.Health/Medicine
Healthfinder.govHealthfinder is a free gateway to reliable consumer health and human services information developed by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.Health/Medicine
MayoClinic.comUpdated daily, this website is produced by a team of physicians, scientists, writers, and educators affiliated with the Mayo Clinic.Health/Medicine
Merck Manual: Professional VersionSearchable version of "the world's most widely used general medical text."Health/Medicine