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"Math/Measurement" (4 results)
Encyclopedia of Measurement and StatisticsThrough approximately 500 contributions, experts provide an overview and an explanation of the major topics in these two areas. Appendices contain: a guide to basic statistics; a table of critical values used in hypothesis testing and an important part of any reference in this area; and a collection of some important and useful measurement and statistics Internet sites. WIU USERS ONLY.Math/Measurement
Metric Conversions.orgOffers metric conversion charts and calculators, as well as downloadable and printable conversion tables for temperature, weight, length, area, and volume.Math/Measurement
Omni CalculatorA single site that provides over 700 different calculators in areas as diverse as chemistry, construction, everyday life, finance, physics, sports, and health.Math/Measurement
OnlineConversion.comProvides forms to convert length, weight, volume, area, temperature and more.Math/Measurement