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"Movies/Theater" (6 results)
America's Film Legacy: The Authoritative Guide to the Landmark Movies in the National Film RegistryA guide to the 500 most significant films made in the United States (selected by the Library of Congress's National Film Registry) including Hollywood classics as well as obscure art films, cartoon shorts, documentaries, industrial and student films, and newsreel footage. Includes complete cast and credits lists and historical and interpretive essays with biographical thumbnails of actors and directors. WIU USERS ONLY.Movies/Theater
Awards Central (IMDb)Provides links to recent and historical information on hundreds of film awards and ceremonies.Movies/Theater
Complete Costume DictionaryA dictionary of costume terms throughout history, with appendices for garment types, garments by country, and garment types by era. WIU USERS ONLY.Movies/Theater
Index to Plays in Collections at WIUIf you cannot find a play script under its own title in our catalog (WestCat), use this tool to determine whether WIU owns the play as part of a larger anthology or collection (i.e. Best Plays of...).Movies/Theater
Internet Movie Database (IMDB)Provides a wide variety of search options including movie titles, cast/crew names, plot summaries and some reviews.Movies/Theater
Samuel French Catalogue SearchSearch the Samuel French catalog of plays by type of play, genre, casting requirements, type of performing group, use of play (monologues, auditions), and from lists of award winners.Movies/Theater