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"Religion" (5 results)
Bible GatewaySearch the Bible in various versions and languages.Religion
Encyclopedia of Global ReligionProvides an overview of the globalization of religious culture and society around the world in both its historical and contemporary aspects. Includes topics related to the diaspora of cultures; the transitional aspects of religious ideas and practices; the cultural diversity of religious traditions; and the responses of religion to multicultural society.Religion
Encyclopedia of Religious and Spiritual DevelopmentFocuses on the developmental process of religion and spirituality across the human life span and offers insight into the characteristics of people and their contexts that interact to influence religious and spiritual development over time. Provides glimpses into the religious and spiritual developmental trajectories of people from all over the world, from many different religious and spiritual backgrounds. WIU USERS ONLY.Religion
Historical Dictionary of Islamic FundamentalismProvides a comprehensive and detailed examination into Islam as a religion, Islam as a government, and Islam as a way of life. Analyzes various groups, events, movements, key figures, and dogmas that have influenced contemporary Islamic Fundamentalism.Religion
Princeton Dictionary of BuddhismProvides encyclopedic coverage of the most important terms, concepts, texts, authors, deities, schools, monasteries, and geographical sites from across the history of Buddhism. Includes both brief definitions and substantial short essays on the broader meaning and significance of the term covered. WIU USERS ONLY.Religion