Message on library instruction and COVID-19

As of August 2022, library classrooms have returned to pre-COVID-19 capacities (but will continue to follow the latest university guidelines and recommendations).

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Please submit requests for course-related instruction at least two weeks in advance in order that librarians have ample time to schedule and prepare to teach. All requests for instruction are considered on first come first serve basis. Consult the classroom calendars to make sure a room is available for your class. Due to space limitations and demand we can no longer schedule classrooms or classes without a librarian the first two weeks each semester. Allow 2 working days for your instruction session to appear on the classroom calendar. Do not consider an instruction session scheduled until you receive email confirmation of your request. Instruction requests with less than two week notice may not be filled.

Make sure the room you are requesting has the software you wish to use. If not, please contact Library Computer Services at 298-2758, at least two weeks before your session to have it added. See the classroom software list. For more information, see the Policy for Library Instruction and the Policy for Library Classrooms or contact the Instruction Services Coordinator, Sean Cordes at

Note: Please specify if you would like to hold the session in the library or as a Zoom meeting online.

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*Remember to consult classroom calendars.

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