Administrative Information Management Systems

Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS)

AIMS partners with University constituents to create, implement and support integrated information management solutions that contribute to the success of the University's mission.

It appears that you are visiting this page from an off-campus and/or public network. For security purposes, we require the use of a VPN to access WIUP. Read more details on what this means for you.


The Student/Alumni Records System (STARS) provides students, alumni, and employees with access to their university records.


WIUP provides all employees with access to their own personnel, payroll and time reporting information as well as a campus directory and academic calendar. Some employees may also use WIUP to perform administrative processes related to their job duties. This system is only available from the campus of WIU (or from off-campus via WIU's VPN). As you are currently using an off-campus device, you must log in to WIU's VPN using your ECom username and password before accessing WIUP.

  • Administrative employees, Faculty, Teaching Assistants and Civil Service employees are automatically granted access to WIUP when the employment contract becomes active.
  • Not all students or graduate assistants need access to WIUP as part of their employment duties and therefore access is not automatically granted. If there are WIUP screens that are needed in order for the student to perform his/her job, the supervisor can make a request through WIUP. Student access can be requested through the WASR screen and graduate assistant access can be requested through the WAGR screen.
  • The supervisor should contact Academic Personnel to schedule mandatory computer security training. During the training, the employee will receive their USERID and login instructions.
  • Supervisors should determine what screens an employee needs to access and contact the appropriate user coordinator(s) for instructions. The user coordinator names can be found on the CORD screen on MVS/WIUP. You may lookup the user coordinator for a menu option or lookup the user coordinator for an application area.

STARS and WIUP are offline for maintenance every night from Midnight to 3:00 a.m, and some Sundays between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.