Administrative Information Management Systems

Department Services

Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS) provides Western Illinois University with centralized information system services and support through the following major services:

Administration and Planning

  • General Policy
  • Facilities Planning
  • Hardware and Software Acquisitions
  • Consolidated Maintenance Contracts
  • Contract Review for Data Processing Issues

Administrative Systems

  • Systems Analysis and Evaluation in IBM-centric Processor Related Systems
  • Systems Design and Implementation
  • Programming
  • Maintenance and Enhancement
  • Establishment and Maintenance of Western Illinois University Systems Standards
Purchased Application Systems

All such systems, no matter how acquired, must be approved by AIMS to ensure that interfacing and connectivity standards are met and that data integrity is maintained. All other hardware and software Requests for Purchase for items which attach to or run on the Central Processor must be submitted to AIMS for review in a timely manner.

Please consult with AIMS before proposing or committing to any changes which may affect database content, data integrity, security, structure, format, input or output media, and may create interfacing problems. In addition, all major systems initiatives must be approved by the Internal Auditor.

Listings and Downloads

AIMS also provides the University community with listings and downloads of selected, non-sensitive data for University-related purposes only. The user must secure permission in advance and be willing to explain the purpose of the request. 

AIMS no longer prints labels. Requests for labels can be made through the Listings and Downloads form, and will be processed by DPS.

Individuals, organizations and businesses/industries external to Western Illinois University, including armed forces organizations invoking the Solomon Amendment, seeking lists containing students and/or University employee directory information will be charged per request. Charges will be estimated and payment is required before records are released. External entities seeking labels/lists must file a Freedom of Information Act request at

Request For Listings and Downloads Form


 Also Institutional Research and Planning analyzes a variety of university and related data to assist in measuring performance and planning for the future of Western Illinois University. Institutional Research and Planning also annually produces the WIU Fact Book which is a commonly used source of current and historical information about Western faculty, staff, and students.

Faculty and staff may view, download, and save class roster, major, minor and student-adviser assignment data from the Office of the Registrar.

Tele-STARS E-mail Processing

WIU's Tele-STARS can send out e-mail to selected university e-mail addresses. The Tele-STARS Email Request form is available at the link below. Authorization requires two vice-president signatures and must be turned in at least 10 working days prior to the e-mail send date.

Tele-STARS Email Request Form


Survey Request Process

WIU's Survey Request form is available at the link below.  Authorization requires two vice-president signatures and must be turned in at least 10 working days prior to the survey send date.  Please refer to University Surveys for complete instructions on conducting a survey at Western Illinois University.

WIU Survey Population Request Form