University Technology

Information Technology Security


The mission of the Western Illinois University Information Technology Security office is to protect WIU data resources from internal and external cyber-security related threats by implementing security practices in IT planning, implementation, management, and operations.

What Does IT Security Do at Western?

  • Network security
    There are several levels of network security that help keep out the unwanted software that is attempting to harm your devices.
  • TouchNet Seek-N-Secure (SnS)
    A software solution for finding and fixing sensitive data. We currently monitor credit cards and social security numbers.
  • Emailed scanning for sensitive data
    Emails going out of WIU are scanned and stopped if they have sensitive data found. Emails coming into WIU are flagged if sensitive data so that the user can take appropriate action to secure the data.
  • Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection (SCEP)
    A console that allows us to deploy Windows Defender as our virus and antimalware protection program. It also allows use to update third party software as needed.
  • Computer firewall
    Other than in special cases, all local firewalls are turned on to help with issue within our network.
  • Windows updates
    Windows updates are pushed to all Microsoft Windows computers attached to Active Directory. Updates are pushed on a monthly basis after Microsoft releases them and they are tested.