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Mail Preparation

Mail preparation services include assistance in the design and addressing of automated (barcoded and presorted) mailings and preparation of the required U.S. Postal Service reports for such mailings. Pieces that can be addressed include self-mailers (either letter or flat design) up to 1/8" thick, envelopes ranging in size from 3"×5" to 12"×15", laser labels, and postcards.

Additional items prepared and printed include certificates and invitations, personalized letters (large volume mailings of more than 200 pieces only), accent color on envelopes, and business reply envelopes. UPMC will also consider any piece not listed. Please contact us.

For mailing list downloads for student, prospective student, faculty and staff, administrative, or University databases, contact Administrative Information Management Systems (AIMS). For downloads for alumni databases, contact Alumni Relations. Once an order is initiated, contact our Mail Preparation Staff to notify them of the upcoming mailing.

UPMC does not share downloads or save downloads received from Western Illinois University's mainframe database sources once a job is completed. This policy guarantees that mailings will always contain the most current address information available.

Automated Mail Preparation

The University requires that all mailings of sufficient quantity and regulation mail-piece size be processed as automated mailings. See UPMC's mailing services section for details.

Project Procedures

The following information is required on a mail preparation services request form: contact name and phone number, submission date, department or organization name, account number, authorized signature for account, number of pieces in mailing, target mailing date, finished mail piece size (letter or flat), postage rate to be used, completed job delivery location.

Jobs can be delivered to UPMC via the online ordering system, e-mail, drop-off points, walk-in, or fax. Once a job is received, it will be set up per the client's request and returned to the client for review and/or final approval if necessary as in the case of personalized letters. Once a client approves a job, UPMC applies U.S. Postal Service address standards, including address verification, presort, and postal report production. Automated addresses are then printed. Any job sent to UPMC is evaluated to determine what steps are necessary to meet the requirements and guidelines established by the University and/or the U.S. Postal Service. UPMC reserves the right to address pieces by either direct imprint or labeling as required to maintain quality and visual identity standards, facilitate workflow procedures, and/or meet postal service requirements. To ensure that UPMC can address pieces as desired, please consult UPMC early in the design process. Charges reflect the mail preparation steps applied to a particular job. At this time, the client is expected to supply letterhead and envelopes. For an additional charge, UPMC will fold and stuff mailing envelopes that can then be entered directly into the mailstream.

Reply Envelopes

USPS may revoke a business reply mailer permit because of format errors, so it is imperative that University personnel follow the strict guidelines set by USPS.

According to USPS guidelines, business reply envelopes may only be used for their intended purposes. The delivery address on the business reply envelope may not be altered to redirect the mail piece to any address other than the one preprinted on the piece. Departments may mark on the mail piece as needed as long as (1) the marks are outside of the address block (to the left of the Western mailing address and above 5/8" from the bottom of the mail piece) and (2) the mailing address to which the envelope is being returned is not altered. Departments may request that specific information (such as account numbers) be printed on the first (attention) line of the mailing address at the time of printing. If you have any questions regarding existing envelopes or envelope alterations, please contact UPMC at 298-1000.

The Macomb campus has been assigned four extended zip codes that are to be used for business reply mailings sent through the United States Postal Service (USPS):

  • 61455-9972 for letters weighing 1 ounce or less
  • 61455-9960 for letters weighing more than 1 once
  • 61455-9971 for postcards
  • 61455-9984 for flats

Each 9-digit zip is intended for a particular type of business reply mail. These extended zip codes differ from 61455-1390, the zip code used on regular mail. In addition to the 9-digit zip code, three specific barcodes are precisely positioned on each business reply envelope to expedite delivery of the piece that indicate the exact destination of the mailing.

See our ordering system to order business reply envelopes.

Prices & Billing

UPMC's mail preparation services operate on a cost-recovery basis. UPMC bills for services electronically. See Prices for details.

Where Do I Start with My Project?

Customers can initiate the document preparation process by using the online ordering system or by contacting UPMC.

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