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About Rocky on Parade

Presented through the College of Fine Arts and Communication,  Rocky on Parade  is a public art project that celebrates the University’s traditions, strengthens the unity of campus and community, contributes to the economic vitality and quality of life in Macomb, and supports the Rocky on Parade Department of Art student scholarship.  

Rocky on Parade is modeled after successful community art projects such as Chicago’s Cows on Parade, Georgia Southern’s Eagle Nation on Parade and Hawaii’s Geckos in Paradise. Using a design similar to WIU’s iconic Rocky sculpture located near Hanson Field, the bulldogs are cast in fiberglass. Each bulldog is mounted on a concrete base and bears a commemorative plaque acknowledging the generous contributions of each sponsor. Area artists, including students and faculty of WIU, submitted design proposals for these larger than life bulldogs. The bulldogs were also “on parade” during WIU’s Homecoming Parade. The bulldogs are now at their final destination for display.

The "Parade" Begins

Maps of the bulldogs’ locations are available online. Visitors to Macomb may follow a “Rocky Dog Walk” through the community and campus to see the bulldogs all the while dining in local restaurants, shopping locally, and supporting the WIU and Macomb Communities. For more information on things to do at WIU and in Macomb, please visit and  

We welcome visitors to Macomb to experience all of the bulldogs and to celebrate the collaborations between WIU and the City of Macomb. These statues are a draw for visitors, prospective students, and art lovers! We welcome you to follow the Rocky on Parade map and check out and take a picture with each dog for yourself!

2017 Rocky on Parade logo


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