University Web Style Guide

Academic and administrative units represent the University as a whole. Official web sites for these areas must have a professional appearance and reflect the University's identity as well as the unique nature of the individual units (see Levels of Compliance). These web sites must apply the Minimum Web Standards approved by the University's Web Standards Committee.

Required Minimum Web Standards

The name Western Illinois University should appear at the top of each web page.

The name of your department, area, or division should appear at the top of each page.

The main highlight color should be purple, specifically the web-safe, hexadecimal #663399.

The University's academic logo should appear on every page.

Provide a text link to the University's homepage ( on every page.

Provide contact information for the department, area, or division.

Conform to the Illinois Web Accessibility Standards (IWAS).

Preferred Web Standards

The Preferred Standards are recommended for all official University web sites. The Preferred Standards are designed to assist unit-level web managers in creating sites that reflect the University's identity and to apply good web design practices.

Title tags should contain a brief page description and either "Western Illinois University" or "WIU."

The name of the department should follow University naming standards.

Department or division names appearing at the top of a web page should be in a serif font. If represented by a graphic, the font used should be Adobe Perpetua as indicated in the University Style Manual.

Web pages should include meta tags.

Web pages must fit a horizontal space of 600 pixels. Pages can dynamically stretch wider, but they should be readable at 600 pixels.

Presentational layout should be controlled through Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) rather than through the HTML markup.

Your pages should be compatible with the following browsers.

Use of JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, QuickTime and other plug-ins should be limited to situations where they significantly enhance the value of a web page or site.

The use of frames is strongly discouraged.

Formatting such as bold, italics, and all caps should be used sparingly, such as to highlight key information.

Use a sans-serif font for the main text of a web page. Headings (H1-H6 tags) can be either serif or sans-serif.

Main font size should range from 0.8-1.0 em.

If you have a list of links, it is recommended that links not be underlined so the display is easier to scan. Within paragraphs where links are more difficult to identify, underlining is recommended.

The appearance of a site's sub-pages should be consistent with a site's homepage (including layout, graphics, fonts, and styles).

Guidelines for Images on Official University Sites

Applying University Elements

Several elements currently exist that can help you apply the University standards to your site. You are welcome to incorporate these elements, but please be aware that their appearance may alter over time to reflect changes in the University's web presentation.

Please direct questions and suggestions to or call (309) 298-1993.