Administrative Procedures Handbook

Criteria for Search Waivers

A waiver may be granted if one or more of the following criteria are met:

  1. The appointment is temporary (e.g., one year or less) or is no greater than a 50% appointment.
  2. The appointment is made on unavoidably short notice (e.g., to replace a faculty member or administrator due to death, medical leave, or short notice of termination of employment) which makes a search impossible or impractical to conduct because of time restrictions.
  3. The appointment requires someone already familiar with the campus operations or equipment. (This must be documented.)
  4. For appointments funded predominantly by grants.
    1. The new appointee will be paid predominantly from grant funds awarded to the appointee; and/or,
    2. The appointee is named specifically in the grant(s) that predominantly funds the position.
  5. For the appointment of visiting professors.
  6. An external search has failed and beginning a new external search will be impossible or impractical to conduct because of time restrictions.
    1. Paperwork for a new external search must be submitted along with the waiver paperwork. The original search will be irrevocably closed upon receipt of the waiver paperwork.
  7. Where there is an immediate need.  (This must be documented and have the approval of the appropriate Vice President.)
  8. In order to implement the University's affirmative action goals in a unit that has a pre-identified underutilization.
  9. For the appointment of dual career hires.
  10. For the internal restructuring of a department and/or administrative reassignment needs.

Note: A search is required for each academic and/or administrative appointment that is greater than 50% or is longer than one year.  A waiver of search will not ordinarily be approved for a position with an appointment greater than 50% if it was filled via waiver within the last 12 months. Where it is anticipated that there is a continuous need for a position whose appointment is expected to be greater than 50% for its duration, a search will be required before the onset of its second continuous year.  Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed and considered on a case by case basis. 

Waiver Process: In order to obtain approval for a waiver, the hiring officer must submit the following: a completed Request to Fill form (selecting waiver of search), letter of justification for waiver, job description, candidate’s resume/vitae, and an unofficial copy of transcripts. The justification must be based on one or more of the criteria listed above. For positions greater than 50% a Request to Fill via search must be submitted along with the above documentation for the waiver to be considered. All requests for search waiver require the signature of the President or his/her designee.

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