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College of Arts and Sciences Advancement Board

Mission statement

The Advancement Board supports the College of Arts and Sciences as advocates for the college and assists the dean in securing support for the college’s programs of undergraduate and graduate education, outreach to the global community, and faculty research, scholarship, and creative activity. Individual members of the board may focus their efforts on specific programs or disciplines within the college, but agree that their first responsibility is to the advancement of the college as a whole.

CAS Advancement Board Members

A cross-section of successful leaders will help Western’s College of Arts and Sciences to secure support for undergraduate and graduate programs, and assistance for faculty research, scholarship and service, and communicate with the global community, Dean Inessa Levi announced.

The Advancement Board of CAS will include a number of prominent individuals.

  • Donald Dexter (Macomb, IL), is a long-time Macomb resident. A retired physician and general surgeon he is the former director of Beu Health Center on the WIU Macomb campus. Dexter now serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for McDonough District Hospital.
  • Thomas Dunstan (Macomb, IL), professor emeritus of Biology at WIU after a 34-year career at the university.
  • Lorraine Epperson (Macomb, IL), owner of Purdum-Epperson Century 21 Real Estate, earned a B.S. degree from WIU in 1948 and an M.S. in 1952; formerly a WIU Trustee, she is a Foundation Board member and a recipient of a Distinguished Alumni Award.
  • Yan Lwin (Macomb, IL), professor emeritus of the Department of Physics at WIU after a 41-year career at the university.
  • Zack Stamp (Springfield, IL), an attorney, earned his B.A. from WIU in 1975 and formerly served as a WIU Trustee and on the Alumni Council.
  • Kurt W. Jefferson (Columbia, MO), is a native of Macomb, earned his B.A from WIU in 1988 and is currently Professor and Chair of the Political Science Department at Westminster College in Fulton, MO. He is also the Director for the Center for Engaging the World in the Churchill Institute at Westminster.
  • Jim Phillips (Forreston, IL), earned his B.A. from WIU in 1998, his M.A in 2000 and is the Honors Program Director at Highland Community College in Freeport, IL.

Zack Stamp served at the board's first president (2006-2008) and now serves as president-elect.

The board's activities include promoting CAS as WIU's central academic unit, advocating for increased support for the College, and helping to establish partnerships with individuals and corporations that will benefit students and the cooperating parties.


Updated: August 8, 2012