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Episode 4: Nursing Education in the Middle of a Pandemic

The WIU School of Nursing provides unique learning opportunities for its students that pushes them to critically think and to be poised to take the lead in healthcare when they graduate. (Also see the companion video: "WIU School of Nursing graduates COVID Panel Discussion" )

Listen to "Nursing Education in the Middle of a Pandemic" on Spreaker.

Episode 3: Religion and Disaster

What the postapocalyptic novel Station Eleven teaches us about living through pandemics. With Dr. Betsy Perabo, Professor of Religious Studies and Coordinator of the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

Listen to "Religion and Disaster" on Spreaker.

Episode 2: The COVID 19 Diaries

Ethnographic Field Journals from WIU Anthopology Students. (With thanks to Tri States Public Radio)

Listen to "The COVID 19 Diaries" on Spreaker.

Episode 1: Executives' and Public Administrators' Responses to COVID-19: Comparing State Level Variables

In this study, Political Science graduate student Courtney Dalton investigates the effects of three state-level independent variables on response outcomes over a 5 week period during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen to "Executives' and Public Administrators' Responses to COVID-19: Comparing State Level Variables" on Spreaker.

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