Department of Chemistry.

The Building Blocks For Successful Careers

Chemistry has seen enormous growth in the past 30 years with many new applications in biotechnology, materials, medicine, nanotechnology, environmental health, alternative fuels, and forensic science. New information is rapidly transferred from research laboratories to practical applications.

With excellent student to teacher ratios, the WIU Department of Chemistry offers a unique, friendly atmosphere of faculty mentorship to our students. Our faculty are very active researchers with knowledge of the latest applications of chemistry. The chemistry faculty involve students in all stages of scientific research, mentoring our students as they achieve their academic & career goals. Learn more...

The Department of Chemistry offers B.S. degree programs in ChemistryBiochemistry, Pharmacy (with certification by the American Chemical Society in both), and Forensic Chemistry. In addition, the Department offers a science/chemistry teacher certification option.

WIU's Summer Science Experience (Grade 9 - 11)

WIU's Summer Science Experience is a unique summer camp opportunity for 9th -12th graders with an interest in science who want to explore careers in various scientific fields. This week-long program provides hands-on scientific activities in a variety of disciplines. Including biology, chemistry, geology/paleontology, mathematics, neuroscience, geography/meteorology, nursing, and physics/astronomy. The camp, emphasizes the collaborative nature of the sciences in today’s technology-oriented world. Instructors are highly-experienced scientists, mathematicians, and nurses. This program truly brings science to life through the hands of participants.