School of Agriculture

Agriculture Internship Weekly Report Requirements

Appendix F-1 (160 pts.)

The intern is required to submit a series of reports on the progress regarding the training outline and activities occurring during the internship. One report will be due each week (by 1:00 pm on the following Monday) and must be typed. Timeliness and writing quality will be considered as part of the grade. If special provision needs to be made for a late report, contact the faculty supervisor well in advance.


  1. Activities completed the present week that fulfill the requirements outlined in the internship training plan.
  2. Activities planned for the next week.
  3. A general assessment of the intern's satisfaction with the internship to the point in time.
  4. A written analysis of one component of the business/agency. These might include for example: medical plan, privacy policy, employee positions/responsibilities, accident policy, etc.
  5. A daily log of your hours, similar to the following:
Date Hours
Monday June 6 8
Tuesday June 7 10
Wednesday June 8 7
Thursday June 9 4
Friday June 10 4
Saturday June 11 10
Sunday June 12 0
Total Hours 43

E-mail the reports to Dr. Danny Terry:

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