School of Agriculture

Agriculture Internship Training Plan EXAMPLE

Appendix D

Heading: Intern Name and Date

  1. Preparation for the Internship
    1. Education: (Select all relevant courses form your transcript that you feel have prepared you for this position. List the courses name, number, and its catalog description.) Note that the catalog is available on-line.
    2. Experience: (List all previous work experience including dates, job title, and a description of your responsibilities. Also include extracurricular activities in college.)
  2. Learning Objectives (list minimum of eight or more) EXAMPLES:
    • Learn how to make soil fertility recommendations to clientele with 100% accuracy. Evaluation will be made by FS supervisor using FS fertility recommendations as the standard.
    • Become familiar with herbicides sold by FS and make recommendations for agronomic crops with 100% accuracy. Evaluation will be made by FS supervisor using FS recommendations as the standard.
    • Learn to identify racehorse injuries. Evaluation will be performed by the supervisor using Equine Medicine as the standard. 100% accuracy is expected.
    • Learn to accurately evaluate horse conformation using the Horse Judging Guide as the standard. Evaluation must be acceptable to the supervisor.
    • Determine proper spray application rates with various types of spraying equipment. The calibration must be accurate to insure correct applications. Evaluation will be performed by the Coordinator of Farm and Greenhouse Operations using the equipment instruction manuals as the standard.
  3. Detailed outline of tasks to be performed at internship site (obtain by consulting with your cooperating agency)