Health Sciences & Social Work

Minority Health Month: April 2021

Take a look at our kick-off event!

Western Illinois University will join the nation in recognizing April as Minority Health Month with a variety of activities that have been planned to kick off the month-long celebration.

This year's theme is: "#VaccineReady"

If you would like to plan activities or share ideas with your hometown, the national tool kit is available at

All events are free and open to the public.

Minority Health Month Schedule of Events

(all times below are represented in Central Time)

  • April 7th –  Minority Health Month Kickoff Event  (1 PM; Outside MCC)
  • April 7th – COVID-19 and Children's Nutrition  (6:30 to 7:30 PM; Zoom)
  • April 8th – Drug Use and the Dimensions of Health  (10 to 11:30 AM; Webinar)
  • April 8th    Alcohol+STIs  (10 to 11:30 AM;   Webinar)
  • April 8th – Young Adults and Mental Health  (5 to 6:00 PM; Webinar)
  • April 9th –  The disproportionate effect of COVID-19 on the African Americans in Chicago  (10 to 11:00 AM; Zoom)
  • April 12th – Hispanic Health Issues  (3:30 to 4:30 PM; Zoom)
  • April 14th – Health Care Coverage for Refugees (6 to 7 PM; Zoom)
  • April 15th – Sexually Transmitted Disease among College Students (6 to 7:00 PM; Zoom)
  • April 15th   Unsafe sex and its health consequences among adolescents and youths  (6 to 7:00 PM; Zoom)
  • April 20th – LGBTQ Health Disparities Talk  (5:30 to 6:30 PM; Zoom)
  • April 21st – Panel on COVID Vaccine Safety/Mistrust  (5:00 PM; Zoom passcode: 287246)
  • April 26th –  Panel on Mental Health and Minority Communities  (5:00 PM;   Zoom passcode: 932746)
  • April 28th – Keynote Speaker- Carolyn Vazquez: Urban Community Health and Wellness Solutions Based Initiatives (5:00 PM; Zoom passcode: 184405)

Sponsors: Casa Latina; CSAF; College of Education and Human Services; Department of Health Sciences and Social Work; Disability Resource Center; Dr. Maureen Bezold’s Health Sciences Graduate Students in HS 512 and HS 513; Gwendolyn Brooks Cultural Center; Malpass Library; McDonough District Hospital; McDonough County Health Department; Minority Health Month Planning Committee; Office of the Provost and Academic Vice President; Office of the President; Peace Corps Programs; Student Development & Success Center; University Counseling Center; Veterans Resource Center; Women’s Center