Infant and Preschool Center

Student Workers

jessicaJessica Saunders

Hi my name is Jessica Saunders. I am a Special Education and Elementary Education major. I plan to graduate in fall of 2015. I am from Kahoka, Missouri. After graduation, I would like to teach somewhere in Missouri to be closer to my family and I would love to teach younger children.



morganMorgan Smith

My name is Morgan Smith and I have been working in the center since last spring, 2013. I am an elementary and special education major and have a tremendous drive for helping children succeed. I love being able to act as a role model for young kids and be someone they will be able to look back and remember as someone who influenced their life. My future plans include becoming a teacher; preferably special education, but if I taught in the general ed. I'd love the younger grades, such as second. I am still deciding which area of age groups I prefer as I am still having my eyes opened to the various communities in the special education population.

preschool studentsTonielle Hayes

Hello, my name is Tonielle Hayes. I am currently a junior here at WIU. I am a Business Marketing Major and a Supply Chain Management Minor. I have had plenty of experience with child care and I was an elementary education major for two years. I plan to open my own before and after care for children in a less fortunate area one day. On campus I am involved in the Glam Modeling Team and also the Black Student Association.

preschool studentsSyretta McKinnon
preschool studentsJada Howard

I am a junior and I am a social work major. I am from Chicago. I always helped out with my little cousins that’s why I love working at the day care.


raquealRaqueal Henry

MAJOR: English
YEAR: Junior
HOBBIES: Watching Anime, Writing short stories and poetry
INTEREST: Teaching, Having a Daycare Center
EXPERIENCE AT THE CENTER: I've had a wonderful time working at the WIU preschool. Lots of love and smiles, and no one can beat that!


no imageNidia Tinoco

MAJOR: Hotel and Restaurant Management
YEAR: Junior
HOBBIES: Dancing, Swimming, and Cooking
INTEREST: I enjoy painting, Cooking, Dancing, and Drawing
EXPERIENCE AT THE CENTER: This is my 2nd semester; I have worked on both sides of the center; the infant and Toddler section, and the Preschool section




comfortComfort Akinwehinmi

Status: Graduate Assistant
Hometown: Nigeria
Major: Communication

Working here is one of the realities of my goals in life. Beyond work, it is satisfying and it also feels fulfilling being part of a generation that has a matchless future. I love doing this...I will do it more if providence permits!

preschool studentsBreanna Elmore

Hello, I’m Breanna Elmore and I am a Junior.  I’m a psychology major with a minor in sociology.  I am from Morrisonville, Illinois, about an hour south of Springfield.  I enjoy being involved on campus with volunteering organizations as well as Greek Life.  When I have free time, I spend it reading on my Kindle.