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preschool students Crystan Wilson

Crystan Wilson is the Infant and Preschool Center Graduate Assistant. Wilson is currently pursuing a Master of Science Health Sciences degree at Western Illinois University. She received her Bachelor of Science in Health Studies; Community Health from Eastern Illinois University in spring 2014.

While at Eastern, Wilson was involved in African Student Association (Secretary), The Apportionment Board, Black Student Union, NPHC, Judicial Standards Board, Peer Helper, Greek Week Steering Committee, Eta Sigma Gamma, Omega Omega, and a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated (Chair of Event Planning). Wilson has come all the way from Fairview Heights, IL, ten minutes away from Saint Louis, MO. She graduated from Belleville Township High School East in 2010.

Wilson will be graduating in May and plans to make a difference in the world by helping others.



preschool students

Breanna Elmore

Morrisonville, IL





preschool students

Stephani Gaspar- Hernandez

Stephanie is a Junior from Chicago, Il. She is majoring in Public Health. Currently, she is the President for both the American Red Cross and Semper Fi Society Organizations at WIU. Stephanies plans to attend graduate school after completing her bachelors degree and continue on the military path.




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Amanda Harvard

Amanda is a Junior majoring in Social Work. She is from East Moline, IL. During her free time, she likes to shop, cook, be invovled with community service projects, and travel. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school.





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Jazlynd Heavens

Jazlynd is a Sophomore from Chicago, Il. She is majoring in Social Work. She is invovled with SWSA at WIU. Stephanies plans to become a medical social worker and travel the world.






Raqueal Henry

Raqueal is a Senior at WIU majoring in English. She is from Chicago, IL. During her free time she likes to read, write, hang with friends and sleep. After graduation she plans to pursue a Masters in Teaching ESL and plans to teach in Japan.




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Emily Highlander

Emily is a Senior from Edwardsville, IL. She is pursuing a dual degree in LEJA and Social Work. During her free time she likes to workout, and hangout with friends. This summer she will be interning at Maddison County Courthouse and then in the fall she will be interning for the St. Louis Police Department. Her dream job is to work in the Correctional Force.





Jada Hill

Jada is from Chicago, IL. She is currently a sopohmore nursing major. She likes to cook and write during her spare time. Her dream job is to become a trauma nurse.






Shonteia Hunter

Shonteia is a Sophomore, majoring in Human Resource Mamangement. She is from Chicago, IL. During her free time she likes to read, go on social media and shop. She plans to work in Human Resource at a corportate office.






Alexis Joyner

Alexis is a Junior from Rockford, IL. She is pursuing a degree in Microbiology. When Alexis isn't busy doing school work, she likes to run, and write poetry. After graduation, she plans to go to graduate school and from there work for the FDA.





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Ashley Kuecker-Zurba

Ashley is a Senior, pursuing a dual major in Special Education and Elementary Education. She is from Marengo, IL. During her free time, Ashely likes to enjoy the outdoors, read, and craft. She plans to be a Special Education teacheri n Norther, IL.






Joanna Mendoza

Joanna is a Senior majoring in Law Enforcement. She is from Palatine, IL. During her free time, Joanna loves to either research, read, exercise, play soccer, and/ or sleep. Once Joanna completes her internship, she plans to become a Cook County Probation Officer for juvelines.




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Gizelle Moore

Chicago, IL

Music Business





preschool students

Alexandra Reza

Alexandra is a Junior, Social Work major from Carpentersville, IL. During her free time, she enjoys coloring, painting, taking road trips, listening to music, and coooking. After gradution, Alexandra plans to attend graduate school to become a medical social worker.





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Molly Wilk

Molly is a Senior majoring in Social Work. She is from Elmhurst, IL and is a member of Phi Alpha and Sigma sigma sigma. During her free time she likes to volunteer with dance marathon and take photos. After she completes her intership, Molly plans to pursue a Master in Social Work and from there work in a hospital with special needs children.







Porcha Windham

Porchas is a sophomore from Chicago, IL. She is pursuing a degree in Political Science. During her free time she likes to shop, go on social media, nail shop, and be involved with campus Girl Scouts. She plans to become an attorney and own her own law firm.






Judy Zamora

Judy is a Junior, Exercise Science Major from Chicago, IL. She love to exercise, stay active, travel and watch movies during her free time. Judy's future plans are undecided because she is still exploring the various job opportunities in her major.