Performing Arts Society

Contact Information

Performing Arts Society
College of Fine Arts and Communication
Western Illinois University
Browne Hall 114, 1 University Circle, Macomb, IL 61455
Office Phone: (309) 298-1618

Liz Swigart, Development Director
Office Phone: (309) 298-2620

2018-2019 Board of Directors

Officers 2018-2019
President, Cory Clem
Vice President, Dale Adkins
Treasurer, Kate Cobb
Secretary, Joe Butcher
Membership, Courtney Blankenship & Charolette Megginson

Class of 2019
Courtney Blankenship Bill and Cricket Howard
Joe and Melanie Butcher Laura Swanson Leezer
Nathan and Kate Cobb Charolette Megginson
Nancy Crossman Kathy Waters

Class of 2020
Dale and Wanda Adkins Ian and Natalie Shelly
Tim Howe and Suzan Nash Steve and Amanda Silberer
Duke and Katie Oursler Tim and Kim Thorman
Larry and Julie Anne Pickett Tom Wood

Class of 2021
Chris and Jessica Butcher Abram and Amanda Olson
Cory and Diann Clem Shaun and Suzi Pritchard
Ryan and Beth Hansen Mike and Kari Woodrum
Michael and Melissa Inman Brian Winnie and Christian Larson

Ex-Officio Members
Dr. Jack Thomas,

President, Western Illinois University

William T. (Billy) Clow,

Dean, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Julie Baker,

Director of Development, College of Fine Arts and Communication

Mike Musick,

Cultural Events Coordinator, BCA

Honorary Directors
Charlene Callison and Larry T. Balsamo

Lifetime Memebers
Jacquie Brattain
Catherine Null
Ken Hawkinson
Charles Wright
Sharon Evans