Theatre and Dance

Departmental Forms

The following list includes a variety of forms that students will need at one time or another during their study of theatre and dance. If you do not see the form you need, please contact the department office.


The Registrar's Website has the following forms on their website:

  • Enrollment Verification Request form
  • GradTrac Agreement
  • Graduate course for graduate credit
  • Graduate course for undergraduate credit
  • Graduation Application
  • Late withdrawal appeal process
  • Major/program declaration form
  • Proficiency exam application and course list
  • Readmission application
  • Second baccalaureate degree
  • Waiver or Substitution of Catalog Requirements


Production Forms - these forms are not currently available.

  • Actors' Response to Directors – Studio & Showcase
  • Directors' Response to Actors – Studio and Showcase
  • Directing Scenes/ Evaluation of Director
  • Program Information Form
  • Publicity Event Planning Form>
  • Studio Theatre Proposal Form

The School of Graduate Studies has the following forms on their website:

  • Graduate Assistantship Application (first time applicants)
  • Change of Major
  • Change from Non-degree to Degree Seeking Student
  • Degree Completion & Graduation
  • Enrollment Verification Form
  • Petition