Faculty Senate

Committee on Provost and Presidential Performance (CPPP)

Meetings: Arranged

Place: Arranged

Chair 2019-2020:

  • Feridun Tasdan, Mathematics and Philosophy

Members, 2019-2020:

  • Jongnam Choi, Earth, Atmospheric, and Geographic Information Sciences (spring only)
  • Susan Czechowski, Art and Design (ExCo)
  • Rumen Dimitrov, Mathematics and Philosophy (fall only)
  • Melissa Stinnett, Education
  • Feridun Tasdan, Mathematics and Philosophy (Chair)
  • Erin Taylor, Political Science

Duties: To create a survey instrument (or modify one previously used) for the Provost and Presidential positions. Each new survey must be approved by Faculty Senate prior to implementation and will include items to allow faculty members to indicate their opinions of the performance of the President and Provost. CPPP oversees the collection and data analysis of each survey, prepares a summary report and executive summary, and presents the results to the Faculty Senate at the first meeting in April.

Reports to Faculty Senate: