Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate Elections

Ongoing Elections:

Provost Search Committee -- ballots due May 8

  • Nominations:
    • Arts and Sciences:
      • Tom Blackford, Mathematics
      • Janna Deitz, Political Science
    • Business and Technology
      • Jim McQuillan, Computer Sciences
      • Rafael Obregon, Engineering Technology
    • Education and Human Services
      • Ken Clontz, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
      • Jim La Prad, Educational Studies
      • Todd Lough, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
    • Fine Arts and Communication
      • Amanda Silberer, Communication Sciences and Disorders
      • Terry Solomonson, Music
    • At-large
      • Tom Cody, Educational Studies
      • Jill Myers, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
      • Paul Schlag, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration
      • Bill Thompson, University Libraries

College of Fine Arts and Communication -- one vacancy for fall 2015 only -- ballots May 8

  • Nominees: Matt Bean, Music, and Yong Tang, Journalism (which becomes part of COFAC in fall 2015)

Completed Elections:


  • Heather McIlvaine-Newsad, Sociology and Anthropology (A&S)
  • Don Johnson, Accounting and Finance (B&T)
  • Bill Kincaid, Theatre and Dance (FA&C)

FACULTY SENATE -- Fall 2015 -- completed elections

Macomb Senators At-Large

  • Virginia Boynton, History
  • Robert Hironimus-Wendt, Sociology and Anthropology
  • Nicholas Lino, Nursing

Quad Cities Senator At-Large

  • Dean Halverson, Educational Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

  • Jennifer McNabb, History
  • Christopher Pynes, Philosophy and Religious Studies
  • Tim Roberts, Histor
  • Kishor Kapale, Physics

College of Business and Technology

  • Dennis DeVolder, Computer Sciences

College of Education and Human Services

  • Kimberly Dodson, Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

College of Fine Arts and Communication

  • Brian Locke, Music







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