Faculty Senate


Spring 2022 Members

  • Chairperson: Ilon Lauer, Communication
  • Vice Chair:  William Thompson, English & Malpass Library
  • Secretary:  Jeremy Robinett, Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration
  • Parliamentarian: Betsy Perabo, Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Atherton, Daniel 

Title: Assistant Professor

Unit: Agriculture
Office Location: B22 Knoblauch
Office Phone: 1 (309) 298-2395
Email: DL-Atherton@wiu.edu

Bailey, C. Suzanne

Title: Professor
Unit: Law Enforcement & Justice Administration
Office Location: Quad Cities Complex 2407
Office Phone: (309) 762-9481
Email: CS-Bailey@wiu.edu

Banash, David

Title: Professor
Unit:  English
Office Location: 273 Simpkins Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1103
Email: D-Banash@wiu.edu

Bernards, Mark

Title: Professor
Unit: Agriculture
Office Location: 320 Knoblauch Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1569
Email: ML-Bernards@wiu.edu

Brice, Lee

Title: Professor
Unit: History
Office Location: 434 Morgan Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-2982
Email: LL-Brice@wiu.edu

Cabedo-Timmons, Guada 

Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Foreign Languages & Literatures
Office Location: 332E Morgan Hall
Office Phone: 1 (309) 298-1615
Email: GM-Cabedo@wiu.edu

Carr, Amy

Title: Professor
Unit: Liberal Arts and Sciences
Office Location: 203a Morgan Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-2507
Email:  AR-Carr@wiu.edu

Choi, Jongnam

Title: Professor
Unit:  Earth, Atmospheric, and Geographic Information Sciences
Office Location:  308 Tillman Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-2635
Email: JChoi1@wiu.edu 

Filipink, Richard

Title: Professor
Unit:  History
Office Location: 457 Morgan Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-3725
Email: RM-Filipink@wiu.edu

Land, James

Title: Assistant Professor
Unit: Music
Office Location: Browne Hall Studio A
Office Phone:  
Email: JW-Land@wiu.edu

Lough, Todd

Title: Professor
Unit: Law Enforcement and Justice Administration
Office Location: 403 Stipes Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1998
Email: T-Lough@wiu.edu 

Polley, William

Title: Associate Professor

Unit: Economics
Office Location: 430L Stipes Hall
Office Phone: 1 (309) 298-2331
Email:  WJ-Polley@wiu.edu





Macchi, Stacey

Title: Assistant Professor
Unit: Communication
Office Location:  327 Memorial Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1794
Email: SM-Macchi@wiu.edu  

Oursler, H. "Duke"

Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Art
Office Location: 105C Heating Plant Annex
Office Phone: (309) 298-1549
Email: HC-Oursler@wiu.edu 

Robinett, Jeremy

Title: Assistant Professor  
Unit: Recreation, Park and Tourism Administration
Office Location: 413 Currens Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1447 
Email: JL-Robinett@wiu.edu

Sawhney, Rajeev

Title: Professor
Unit: Management and Marketing
Office Location: 413 Stipes Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1625
Email: R-Sawhney@wiu.edu

Shupe, Emily

Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Kinesiology
Office Location: 205 Knoblauch Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1244
Email: ER-Shupe@wiu.edu

Szyjka, Sebastian

Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Education
Office Location: 63C Horrabin Hall
Office Phone: 1 (309) 255-2221
Email: SP-Szyjka@wiu.edu

Tang, Yong

Title: Associate Professor
Unit: Broadcast Journalism
Office Location: 316 Sallee Hall
Office Phone:
Email: Y-Tang@wiu.edu

Taylor, Erin

Title: Professor
Unit: Political Science
Office Location: 424 Morgan Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1354
Email: E-Taylor@wiu.edu

Thompson, William "Bill" 

Title: Professor
Unit: English, Malpass Library
Office Location: 138C Simpkins Hall 
Office Phone:  309-298-1103 (Department of English line)
Email: wa-thompson@wiu.edu

Wallace, Lora Ebert

Title: Professor
Unit: Sociology
Office Location: 423A Morgan Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1056
Email: LE-Wallace2@wiu.edu  

Wroblewski, Josh

Title: Assistant Professor
Unit: Theatre and Dance
Office Location: 102A Brown Hall
Office Phone: (309) 298-1543
Email: JJ-Wroblewski@wiu.edu