Faculty Senate

Wide view of Senate table

2014 - 2015 Members

  • Chairperson: Mandeep Singh, Management and Marketing
  • Vice Chair:  Tara Westerhold, Economics and Decision Sciences
  • Secretary: Lee Brice, History
  • Parliamentarian, Tej Kaul, Economics and Decision Sciences, 430 Stipes Hall
  • Office Manager/Recording Secretary, Annette Hamm, 401 Stipes Hall

Baylor, Julie

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Nursing

Office Location: 133A Currens Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-3564

Email: JK-Baylor@wiu.edu

Bennett, Steven  

Title: Associate Professor

Unit: Geology

Office Location: 109 Tillman Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1256

Email: SW-Bennett1@wiu.edu


Brice, Lee 

Title: Professor

Unit:  History

Office Location: 434 Morgan Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-2982

Email: LL-Brice@wiu.edu


Brown, Jeffrey

Title:  Associate Professor

Department:  Music

Office Location:  Brown Hall 217

Office Phone:: (309) 298-1544

Email:    J-Brown2@wiu.edu


Burke, Amy

Title: Instructor

Unit: Communication Sciences and Disorders

Office Location: 238 Memorial Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-3525

Email: AR-Burke@wiu.edu


Cabedo-Timmons, Guada

Title: Associate Professor

Unit: Foreign Languages and Literatures

Office Location: 332F Morgan Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1615

Email: GM-Cabedo@wiu.edu


Carncross, Mahrya

Title: Instructor

Department: University Libraries

Office Location: Malpass Library

Office Phone: (309) 298-2785

Email: M-Carncross@wiu.edu


Chaves, Rachel

Title: Assistant Professor

School: Theatre and Dance

Office Location: 100B Browne Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1029

Email: R-Chaves@wiu.edu


Choi, Jongnam

Title: Professor

Department: Geography

Office Location: 308 Tillman Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-2635

Email: J-Choi1@wiu.edu


Cordes, Sean

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: University Libraries

Office Location: 215 Malpass Library

Office Phone: (309) 298-2785

Email: CS-Cordes@wiu.edu


DeVolder, Dennis

Title: Professor

Department: Computer Sciences

Office Location: 447D Stipes Hall

Office Phone: 298-1452

Email: D-DeVolder@wiu.edu


Hyde, Andrea

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Educational and Interdisciplinary Studies

Office Location: WIU Quad Cities

Office Phone: (309) 762-9481

Email: AM-Hyde@wiu.edu








Jorgensen, Gregg

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: 66 Horrabin Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1961

Email: G-Jorgensen@wiu.edu


Keist, Carmen

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Dietetics, Fashion Merchandising, and Hospitality

Office Location: 211 Knoblauch Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-2052

Email: CN-Keist@wiu.edu


Myers, Jill

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Law Enforcement and Justice Administration

Office Location: 403J Stipes Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-2213

Email: JJ-Myers@wiu.edu


Roberts, Tim

Title: Associate Professor

Department: History

Office Location: 438 Morgan Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1053

Email: TM-Roberts@wiu.edu


Romano, Susan

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Biological Sciences

Office Location: Waggoner Hall and WIU Quad Cities

Office Phone: (309) 298-3387 or (309) 762-9481

Email: S-Romano2@wiu.edu


Sadler, Thomas

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Economics and Decision Sciences

Office Location: 430M Stipes Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1734

Email: TR-Sadler@wiu.edu


Siddiqi, Mohammad

Title: Professor

Department: English and Journalism

Office Location: 226E Simpkins Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1324

Email: M-Siddiqi@wiu.edu


Silberer, Amanda

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Communication Sciences & Disorders

Office Location: 234 Memorial Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1955

Email: AB-Silberer@wiu.edu


Singh, Mandeep

Title: Professor

Department: Management and Marketing

Office Location: 418Q Stipes Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-2497

Email: M-Singh@wiu.edu


Szyjka, Sebastian

Title: Assistant Professor

Department: Curriculum and Instruction

Office Location: 63C Horrabin Hall

Office Phone: NA

Email: SP-Szyjka@wiu.edu 


Westerhold, Tara

Title: Associate Professor

Department: Economics and Decision Sciences

Office Location: 430F Stipes Hall

Office Phone: (309) 298-1313

Email: TN-Westerhold@wiu.edu